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terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2018

Granada - Artistic inspiration - #47HT

It has been one year since I started the best and the most intense trip that I had in my life. Easter was just last weekend and I could remember good memories that I had in Croatia, experience that I'm going to write about later.

Writing about this experience is making me have a really great time. I'm watching myself like a move living each moment, as the moment would be now, traveling in unknown cities, meeting remarkable people and putting all these experiences in my backpack.

If I would be traveling and writing it at the same time, it definitely wouldn't be the same. My decision not writing about my trip was because I would spend the time that I could be enjoying it, sitting in some spot and spending hours in front my computer.

Currently I'm living in Granada, an amazing city that I spent the past 6 months. This experience that I’m living here is giving me so much creativity to write, paint, draw and produce music. This moment is completely different than last year that I spent most of the weekends traveling when I was living in Luxembourg. Currently I'm barely traveling, spend most of my days in this amazing city, having time to explore it and learn more about myself as well.

Granada wasn't part of my hitchhiking trip, as you know I was traveling to the Balkans, not South of Spain. In fact I've heard about Granada just by name. Two people that I met before, they had lived here before and they told me great things about this city.

Between so many other factors, what make my experience being amazing in Granada and important for this journey that you're reading since November of 2017, when I started to write about it. Granada gave me so much inspiration to write that I'm not sure if I would be able to write about these experiences if I was living somewhere else.

It's a city full of diversities in all aspects: diversity of people, landscapes, events, parties and others. All these things are just shaking my mind and making me be more artistic productive. I've never written, produced and painted as I'm doing now.

This bunch of interactions and this relaxing life is making me find myself in the artistic side. I could find out here what I really like to do. I'm probably moving to another city in a soon future, but all of these experiences are been really important for me.

Everything comes in the right time. In the beginning of my hitchhiking trip I though that maybe I could travel from Luxembourg, crossing France to in South of Spain. Maybe Granada I would stop in Granada as well. However everything happens in the right time in our life, I just believe on that. 

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