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sábado, 14 de abril de 2018

Learning Process - #53HT

Until this point everything was about lucky, the fact that I could choose any of these 16 countries to study, made this moment be the one I needed to use this opportunity to start to build something out of it.

From this long list of countries I wanted to go to Europe, a continent where I could discover the world traveling easily from countries to others. This was my 22 years old mind.

On the other side I knew that English would be really important for my career, that in the future I would realize that it would be the best way how to connect myself with the world. Wherever you're from, you have to agree with me that English is a universal word that most of the places in the world it's the second language and almost everywhere that will go, the information is a foreign language is going to be in English.

My options in Europe were just Ireland and U.K. I don't know why, but I just chose U.K, maybe I though that Ireland has a different accent and maybe because Ireland is further to travel other Europeans countries than U.K.

I'm living in Europe now and I believe that everything in the life has a specific time to happen and 2013 wasn't my time yet. Basically the British government didn't accept immigration of Brazilian students that didn't English proficiency in this time. I've done a proficiency exam that the government offered me, but once my English was pretty bad, my result was the mirror of the reality and I didn't have enough grades to immigrate to U.K.

Always trying to find a solution for us, our government just decided to send these students that weren't accept in U.K to United States and Australia. I could have choose any other country in Europe to study that I would be accepted, but the only one that refused students was the one that I chose.

People from Medicine and Nursing studies were sent to Australia and natural sciences and other segments to the United States.

In fact the USA was the last option that I would choose, but it was the one that I had in my hands. Months later I was arriving in Kentucky to experience the 16 most intense months in my life until this moment. I was living a dream that I could never seen myself inserted on it before. It was a dream that most of the Brazilians never had and probably will never have this opportunity: to live abroad.

This experience was the biggest bridge that I had in my entire life, without it, I wouldn't be here. It opened myself to start learn a new language and start to connect myself with the world. The learning is a long process that has no ending and once I started to learn languages really late, it's still a big challenge for me. After spending these 16 months my English was still bad, but at least I could have the chance to start this leaning process.

Now, after 4 years, you can see that it's kind of fair, so much better than when I was living in the U.S.A, probably better than since you started to read my stories and it's constantly changing as much as I'm practicing it.

I hope to impress you one day in my upcoming articles.  

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