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A rich homeless

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sábado, 28 de abril de 2018

Memories - #60HT

Three days and two nights. It was exactly the time that I spent in Zagreb. These bunch of interactions and experiences made the time pass like in a fraction of second, at the same time these moments are eternized in my memory.

In fact our memories are the best souvenirs that we can get from trips and also from our life moments. It's extremely more valuable than any picture, post card or any souvenir gift that you can get from your trip.

Maybe like you, I've been traveling spending most of the time trying to register every possible moment by the camera of my phone. Most of the time I was worried about how I could use these pictures to update my social medias: Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat.

These moments that I spent taking pictures, involved in the social medias (posting, checking the likes and replying the comments), I was also missing the time that I could enjoy the place. I don't know how long I use to spend connected with my phone while I was traveling, but these minutes, hours could make me see and analyze better the places that I was traveling and having the chance to meet beautiful people and give more attention to them.

This is not just traveling. I've wrote about social medias before. But now the point is that in our daily life we are so connected with our phone living a virtual life that we don't give time to ourselves to interact with our environment. We don't give attention to who is around us, once we have enough distraction with our virtual life.

Try one day to go to a Park and just observe people around you. You don't need to bring anything with you, just leave your phone at home. Few minutes without social medias isn't going to kill you. Pay attention in the people that are moving around, talking, smiling, crying, running... Stop and check the wind moving leafs around. Observe the shadow of leafs making different shapes that you can see in the floor. Just breathe deeply and look to the bright sky with clouds in animals’ shapes and try to look few seconds to the sun until your eyes starting to burn.

You're going to be connected with the place and maybe you'll feel sociable to look in eyes people while their looking at you, maybe you're going to exchange a smile and one hello shaking heads. Who knows how possible is that you can just start a verbal contact with someone. Someone that maybe was lonely and bored as you that needed to check your phone for each 30s to see the comment of your friend in your picture or the Instagram timeline to give some random likes or check what your "friends" did last night.

Think how many moments you would miss in this trip in the park for few minutes if you were with your phone.

The physical and emotion contact is what we are missing. A bunch of likes is never going to be as strong as a simple hug. Talking with your friend by what's app is never going to be the same as looking in his/her eyes, checking every details in his/her face that is showing his/her emotions.

As in the life, while you're traveling any picture that you'll take is never going to be the same as your incredibly wide vision that see the colors perfectly. This moment that you can feel the smell of the threes, feel the sun burning your body and fell the wind touching your face.

Zagreb was like this for me, my memories are eternized and I'm trying to always eternize the moments. If I'm living the real life, giving more attention to people around than my phone, I believe that I can be more alive and not dependent of a device with some apps that are trying to control my mind and my life afterwards.

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