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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2018

Saturday Zagreb Night - #57HT

Zagreb still have more to share with us. After a warm shower and unpacking our stuff to get ready for having a great night.

I was expecting some kind of quiet night, because it was Easter's eve. My first impression seeing dozens people walking in the street to go to the Church was that Zagreb was a kind of religious city. They can like go to the Church, but at the same time they do know how to party.

After a stupid selfie in the mirror using my second hand t-shirt that I bought in Maribor we were going to meet Nikola, the generous Croatian, with his guest.

By the hang out function of Couchsurfing, I invited a girl from Filand to join us. In the ending we were in a street full of bars with cheap drinks that we just sit down in one of them, having a group of 6 people in the ending. Me, my aunt's friends, Nikola, his guest from Ireland, the Finnish girl and another guy from Belgium.

This energetic group of strangers that we were, it was motivation us to know a little bit more of different parts of the world in just one table. That's the feeling that you can have meeting travelers. Going to somewhere in the world without needing to travel. By meeting travelers you can a picture of somewhere before being there.

This spontaneous Couchsurfing meetings for me are the best. We are not expecting anything before meeting them and everything is a new surprise, full of experiences and emotions.

Afterwards we went to place to dance, my aunt's friends and the Finnish girl were tired and they just went home.

After getting drunk the 4 of us were just enjoying the night, dancing and ending up in a club that I stayed until 5am. That's the moment that the alcohol affect my brain. In my first hard core night in this trip, I can't tell that much, because my insobriety this night doesn't allow me. I'm just really sure that we had a lot of fun, drinking, taking, dancing and making fun of each other. Memorable Saturday night that became the Easter day afterwards.   

 Selfie a chick in the street. Drunk, I just posted it my Instagram that I just realized it in the day after. Anyway a memorable picture. I can easily see this movie in a frame of seconds.

A psychedelic picture by my bad phone's camera.

The finish it: My ridiculous selfie in front of the mirror.  

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