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A rich homeless

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quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2018

The Reencounter - #48HT

Do you guys remember the Prevoz? We just took one in Ljubljana to go to Bled. We arrived precisely in Lesce, a village just 4km away from Bled, the closest place from Bled that we found a hostel with acceptable prices. 

The trip in fact was really cool, crossing the fields in the countryside of Slovenia, full of green, going in the direction of the North. Quickly in 50min we just arrived in a hostel located in this small village with just 3000 inhabitants. 

Arriving there, finally after one year I met again a really good friend that I made in Europe in my first trip in March of 2016. Sanja, originally from Slovenia. When I met her, she was living in Driehuis, a village 30min away from Amsterdam. In this time Amsterdam was the second stop of my 3 weeks trip around European capitals. After sending me a Couchsurfing message to meet up in this moment I just accepted her invitation to go to the coast side of Netherlands.

IJmuiden was the destination. In fact to spend an afternoon on a beach in north of Europe during the winter didn't look like to be a great idea, mainly when it was a raining afternoon. However this moment was incredible where we hid ourselves below a terrace in a wood house spending couples hours talking and protecting ourselves from the rain.

Afterwards this great experience I was really wet ready to go back to Amsterdam, but she just offered me a place to stay for this night. 

I'm talking importantly about this experience, because it was my first experience as I guest in this app that I started to use just 4 months before this trip to meet up travelers. Everything happened in a fraction of 24h and I needed to go back to Amsterdam to keep following my trip schedule. I wish that this time could be longer. 

We kept in touch during these 14 months, contacting each other sometimes to get some updates. In my first 6 months living in Europe we couldn't meet each other once the trip Luxembourg - Slovenia was really expensive and we both poor students couldn't afford it.

When I decided to go to the Balkans I contacted her, making it be possible and here we were. It was really good to see her after long time.

As I said in another article, when you're meeting someone by Couchsurfing, hosting or guesting, you can live a really intensive experience. The second step of the exchange is when you keep in contact with this person and keep the exchange, even not physically, it creates a connection and overtime it becomes a friendship. When you see this person again, it's exactly like meet an old friend.

This was my feeling in this moment, having the chance again to spend some time with a good friend, this time in her home country.

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