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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2018

Zagreb - Croatia - #59HT


Considering my first night experience, I could just have left from Zagreb and my time there would be already worth it. The generosity and the Saturday Zagreb Night.

I prepared this article just to tell you how worth it can be to visit Zagreb. If you are like me that trying to avoid big cities, maybe you can have the same lucky that I had and enjoy it strongly. You just need to be opened to experience whatever is coming to you. When you're opened to live a experience, not limiting yourself, great things can just come to you. 

I don't create so many expectations for a moment that I'm gonna live, not for pessimism, but because not thinking like that I can create limitations in my experience. Everything that's not what I'm expectating, are gonna be things that I won't be interested in experiencing, they are gonna be my limitations.

I don't know if you can follow me, but these expectations not just from a trip time, but also from my life can really make me be limited and not really enjoying it as much as I could. When I stopped to have expectations from people, places and things I just started to enjoy it so much better.

I swear, since this changing of thinking I could be really more impressed from these great experiences, once I didn't expect it and the bad moments I wasn't frustrated, once I didn't expect anything before.

It's just a different way of thinking. Again, don't see it in a pessimist way, the fact that I don't expect anything from someone before meeting, it doesn't mean that I need to expect the worse from them. It's just something neutral, something that you can't really separate it easily.

When we are going to meet someone, travel to a place, experience any new moment, we always expect a good or a bad moments. Again, it's hard to have a neutral expectation. I'm talking about me, that maybe it can the same for you. Before living this moment we will think that it's gonna be a good experience and everything that won't match with our expectations is gonna be a frustration, even if you don't have nothing to complain about, you will think that it's not what you want/like, even not knowing what you really want/like. 

On the other hand, if you create bad expectations about something/one/where you're already gonna have a pessimist view of it. You'll think that this experience is gonna be bad even before experiencing it. That's where is preconception, racism and hate are rising. If you think that the reason that someone has a different home country, color skin, sexual orientation, religion, political orientation make you be afraid to meet this person, you're playing the same rules of this game. If you're afraid, it's because you have negative expectations about this person/place, even if this person/place has amazing things to share with you. You're gonna start your interactions with big wall in front of you that if you're not even gonna be able to see what's behind the wall. Your interactions are just with bricks that you are gonna be protected from the "danger", the different. This fake feeling of danger make us hate it and fight against it, even not knowing it well. We don't really need to fight because they are human as us, these places that we were visiting have people living there are bodies living that have time to born, live and die, like all of us. 

If you start to treat the new as things that you have and like. You're gonna see that the new, the different can give you a lot pleasure in your life and remove all the hate that you have inside yourself and make you be more in peace with yourself and peaceful for the society.

My non expectations from Zagreb and people that were living there, made me love my experience there. Because I was open to live this new moment not afraid from the unknown. 

In this Easter day I could walk around this gorgeous and just make a great connection between my energy and the energy that the city was giving me back. These neutral expectations made like these experiences that I didn't expect anything and also made me ignore any negative moment that I had, making me overcome it easily.

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