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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2018

Zagreb - Zadar - #61HT

After the stop in the cemetery that we visited, we went to lake that locals use as beach to chill, drink, get some sun and swim in the summertime. It’s cool place that we had a walk for around one hour. Nikola in the ending just offered us a lunch in a cafeteria in the university where he works as a teacher (a lot of food).

This was the last act of generosity that just dropped me in the Bus Station, place where I was going to take a bus to my next destination. I wanted to move 300km this day and the ticket bus costing me 15 euros I saw as a fair price to travel for the distance.

In fact this was the moment is where my trip changed significantly again. At this point my Cris wanted stay in Zagreb for 2 more days and come back to Germany. She actually invited me stay with her during these days. I lived so many experiences in these days traveling that if my trip just ended up in this moment it would be already the best trip of my life. After reading the 60 chapters that I wrote before, you can probably understand it. This story could just end up like that, but I felt that I had so many things to see and my plan was exploring the Balkans. I know so many people that already had been in Croatia, but not so many that traveled in non European Union countries.

I was so close from Bosnia that I couldn't stop at this moment. I didn't have plans for the next days and I didn't know where I could reach. Based on my time, I needed to be in Luxembourg on the 1st of May (exactly one year ago from the day that I'm writing now). I still had 13 days to be back to there. Also based in the amount of money that I still had. I spent more than half of the money that I had (500 euros), but once I was going further south my travel costing would become  cheaper.

I don't what exactly I’m going to write in the next articles. Like my trip that everything was non planed and unpredictable, my articles are like that as well. I can spend two articles talking about Munich or just write 5 articles involving Novo Mesto

When I'm writing, I'm watching myself living the past with details. I'm not living the experience, I'm analyzing the it. An unique sensation that I couldn't have if I would be writing while I was traveling. Maybe one day I will try to do it and see the difference. The coolest thing is the fact that I can learn so much about myself and find one way how to contribute positively people's life.

I'm not exactly a traveler writer, I'm going beyond, I'm trying to reach your subconscious and make you understand how the world currently is, how we currently are. A traveler story normally is more interesting than an article talking about society. It depends aware you're about society.

If I can mix both of them it's great. Not just for you reader, but also for me. The writer that everyday is learning more about himself and learning more about him and his society.

It's an expansion of knowledge based in life experiences.

I hope that my future contributions are going to be good and efficient. 

Taking my own direction I said goodbye to Cris that provided me such a great experience. After more than one week together we had good souvenirs that are going to be eternized in our memories. Nikola, just be thankful to meet this great being human. Next stop: Zadar.


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