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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 24 de maio de 2018

Chilling Split - #69HT

With the right connection, things just start to work better. Once I mentioned about my intense experience in Cyprus, I'm going to come back to the reality that I was experiencing in Split.

After having all of this confusing exhausting experience before meeting my host, we just went the cafeteria of her university to have a dinner. University restaurant, that's the best place to eat when you're traveling and have the chance to crush with a local student. The food was good enough and it's so cheaper for the amount that normally your host wouldn't care about to pay your meal. Sometimes I used to do the same with my guests when I was student in Luxembourg. It's always nice to offer a meal to a traveler, when I don't need to spend a lot money for this, it's even cooler ;)

Well, we spent some time in the cafeteria eating and "talking".

Verbal communication, this was a challenge. It was because my host didn't speak a fluent English and her friends couldn't speak it at all. However it wasn't that big deal. As I was writing before about connection, the lack of verbal communication not necessarily is a problem and it wasn't during this night. We were able to express ourselves to each other and have a chilling night.

Basically I went to my host place with her and 2 other friends that we spent the entire night, playing card games and truth or dare. Can you imagine playing truth and dare without talking the same language? Well, it was really fun and interesting, Nina spent half of the night giving a lot of effort to be our interpreter. 

In this night I could see that I didn't need to speak the same language of someone to be able to interact and understand him or her. There was no frustration. In this I wasn't able to understand how people are connected with energy, I could definitely enjoy this night.

The most interesting stuff for me writing my posts is that I'm a completely different person than the one that I was in this moment, 13 months ago. I'm always trying to observe, talk, listen, feel and learn with my experiences and consequently small parts of myself just become what is part of other people that crossed my way. On the other hand my essence is the same. I just have the chance to analyze and understand better what I was doing. I just believe that I always have the same root. The one that is carrying since I was born and I grew up. My essence that's really hard to change, but it still possible to handle it. Also there are a tree trunks that are things that we experienced for long time of our life that's really hard to chance it, but these tree trunks have tree branches and these are things that we can easily access and change it. Just believe that if you're able to change all of these small branches, afterwards your tree trunks are going to be positively contaminated.

That's how I believe that every positive energy is accessible to everyone. It's always possible to convince what's the right positive way of thinking to somebody else. You just need to find the right point. You just need to search the best tool to cut these brushes and let grow a new ones afterwards.

Again, correct words weren't necessary to make we understand each other and have fun during this night. In this game I could learn a lot about a young life of Serbian and Croatian, from relationships to sexual life. Subjects that I normally wouldn't have the chance to exchange in the first night of a meeting.

That's how energy is always connecting with others, like I said before the exchange of energies made live such great and intense moment. 

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