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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2018

Cold night - Split - #67HT

Rainy day. My trip to Split was really smooth, two hours later I was arriving in my 3rd destination in Croatia.

In fact, it was the only city in Croatia that I found someone to host me. Nina was her name. A Serbian girl that was living in Split accepted my request for staying in her place during this night.

Theoretically everything would be fine for me during this night. I arrived well in Split. I had a place to stay in this Croatian city that seemed to be really interesting. But well, normally I always have some adventures during my trips and this time it wasn't different. 

Rainy day and I was still wet from my failed hitchhiking trip. My needs in Split were finding a warm place to have a shower and change my wet clothes for dry ones. My first moments weren't the best there. I was feeling cold, dirty and hungry and when I arrived in the bus station and I still needed to walk few minutes to reach my host's place.

Surprisingly I met a girl from Peru that I just hanged out in the night before in Zadar. We were talking with each other this time calmly. She was going to travel from Split to Italy in the next day by ferry. These minutes that I was helping her to search a ferry for the next day, walking in the rain without umbrella, she gave me great advices about cities that I should visit. Once I was planning to go to Bosnia, looking for reaching Sarajevo, she recommended me to go to a city called Mostar, in Bosnia. 

I didn't really have plans for the day after and I though about to visit some small city in Bosnia before going to Sarajevo. With her advices I just decided that I should go to Mostar, city that I've never heard before, but I felt attracted to go there.

We spent few minutes walking together in the city center until the moment that we split and she went to her hostel. In my cold night, I just went to my host place to finally find a warm spot. Following Google maps I just reached the address that she gave me. The only problem was that in the same address there were at least 8 different houses and I didn't know which one I should go.

The place was kind of empty and even not seeing any sign of life I just knocked 2 doors, but nobody showed up. I didn't feel like knocking all of doors. The problem was that I didn't have Internet or mobile credit to contact her and in this rainy day I need to find a free Wi-Fi to ask her exactly where she was living.

Imagine that finding a spot with Internet in Split was really hard. I've walked around the city for few minutes and there were just WIFI in bars and I didn't want to buy a beer just for that. Not really in the drinking mood and these 2 euros investment wouldn't be worth it.

I was getting extremely tired and I didn't find any free Wi-Fi spot. Here I was going back to her place expecting that she could show up.

Here I was, sitting in front of the place that she was living, sad, cold and hungry until the moment that magically Nina was leaving from her place. Once I was late, because I didn't find her place earlier, she decided to go out to eat with her friends. This moment was the one I felt really happy to see her face, person that saved my exhausting beginning of evening.

Good, dropping my backpack in her place and changing at least my socks and t-shirt, we left from her place to meet up her friends.

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