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quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2018

Connections - #69HT

I’ve recently lived a intense experience traveling in Cyprus that changed a little bit of my life in different aspects. I should keep been writing focused in my hitchhiking trip, once I’m about to share a really interesting experience that I had in Split - Croatia, but these 10 days that I spent there, it deserves a quick sharing of experiences.

I’ve participated to an Erasmus Young exchange, by the second time in Cyprus. Country that honestly I’ve never heard about 2 months ago. I just applied to participate in a project from a Spanish association. My goal here isn’t share details of the project and yes what I could learn in these days over there.

Briefly it was a project called by Trade Cuisine, where 36 participants from 6 countries were confined in Kannavia, a village with 180 inhabitants in the middle of this big island. This Isolation made me get know intensively these 36 people and the environment around. Some of them I just learned the name and had some small talks, but other I had the experience to share completely my life and listen deep details of their life. I’m talking about 10 days with the same value of months or years of living.

In this process of talking and listening, there is another aspected called as connection that was the biggest lessons that I could learn over there. By connection I could talk with a selected group of people, smaller than the fingers that I have in my hand, that I could communicated not just with words, but also with energy. These kind of communication is so crazy that we don’t need to listen words to feel or understand what the another wanna express. You can just look in the eyes and understand, that’s the moment that all of language problems don’t really matter.

Having different backgrounds, not sharing the same mother language, one of these person was the one that I could connect in a scary way that even we been superficial with the others sometimes, when we looked each other, we could know what was going on in the another one mind and we knew how to react perfectly with each other. It’s something magic that it’s really hard to find, maybe someone that a friend from my childhood couldn’t do the same. In this kind of experience that we don’t use a lot words to communicate, we can learn really fast about each other and to ourselves. That’s how I define intense experiences, the ones that the time doesn’t really matter.

From many experiences that I had like:

  • I could learn how to be a leader of a Spanish group, that I didn’t share the same language skills, point of views and energy with them;
  • See how amazing Portuguese people can be (I’m sharing part of my heart with them now);
  • Working in pressure and expanding my limits of patience;
  • How someone really different than me can be so similar;
  • How less things you have more friendly you’ll be and more you will share;
  • Respecting political confits, but being able to see and listen the both sides;
  • Not being afraid and just try things;

The last one is the most important: How we can be connected with people and the environment.

What happened with this specific person was really intense and even if we won’t have the chance to see each other or being in touch, these short experience gave a contribution to myself and to this person as well for this sharing of energies;

But think about the others, the environment. Some interactions that spent few seconds was really intense and memorable, that these small ones represent my entire trip. I could resume my trip with a sum of flash of seconds that magic things happened. These screenshots that I have in my memory from these moments, nobody ever is gonna be able to take this from me.

In my mental library that allows me access easily a book that represent a moment of my life. In this big library I can put new books anytime that each of them represents a unique and unforgettable experience that I live. Nobody has access to this library, all of books are just in range of my hands, but some of these books I can convert in words, the same as the ones that you’re reading now. 

Gladly I’m having the chance to give to you and other the chance to access these books, understand more about me and probably you as well. Maybe you don’t know, but we have a lot of common books, once we could experience similar experiences. We are just different and share some different ideas because we were sensitive people that grow up with the environment. In the same way that I’m touching you now some some of my books, you could do the same, sharing some of your book with others as well. Maybe for each article that I write, from 200 - 1000 people read it, but if I have the chance to touch deeply just 10 of them, I’ll be already satisfied, because I share my words, my heart and my energies with them and this feeling is the one that motivate me to keep writing. Think that you could do the same ;)

What’s make us different is the way how we share our energy to each other, how many different environment we interact and the way that we interact with them.

I know that I seems a little bit complex, maybe you’re not as high as me, but think about that what you’re reading can touch you sometimes, what my words can make you understand sometimes about the person that I am, the person that you are and the persons that we all are.

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