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domingo, 27 de maio de 2018

Home Street Home - #73HT

Mostar, this was my destination place for this night. Just 130km from Sarajevo, this city that I never heard about until 2 days before, it would become one of my favorite cities in Europe. As I mentioned before, the girl from Peru that I met in Zadar advised me to go there before Sarajevo.

After sharing her good experience I believed that I could have a good one as well. Once from Split to Sarajevo would be a long trip, this was the best decision that I could take. Then I just started to search for a host there.

When I talked about my favorite cities in Europe, I would rank five of them:

1) Granada;
2) Prague;
3) Budapest;
4) Napoli;
5) Mostar.

If you never had the chance to visit one of these cities, you're missing a lot. I probably believe that you never been in Mostar, if you ever had the chance you'll understand me well. I can't talk individually about them now, because I would need to write few articles sharing experiences for each of them. They were special in many aspects for me, but if I would need to list all of cities that I had a great time, I would write a really long list right here. This is just my top 5. 

One night before my arrival in Mostar, Ana, a girl originally from Bosnia just accepted my request and she wanted to meet me after her working time in a mall located in the city center.

Here I was, finally landing in Mostar, having my first breathes in this Bosnian environment. The bus station was really simple that reminded me the ones in some cities close around my hometown. Walking from the bus station to the Mall, my feeling was just getting stronger in how similar this city was with medium size city in my state: Bahia. 

Mostar wasn't a really organized city, where I could see the streets in renovation, but this kind of construction that starts but has no deadline to finish. There were buildings in ruins or partially built around the city. They were not older than 30 years. I had the feeling sometimes that I was walking in my neighborhood, crossing some ghettos around, but so far Mostar was so much safer than my place. In this way everything looked like an organized chaos. There was a story behind everything that I'll explain later. This first impression that I had of Mostar, the city that made me feel like that I was back to Brazil.

It's a moment that I could find strong similarities between two completely different countries: Bosnia and Brazil. It's the moment that I was going to meet my host in Mall that I could feel that I was going home: Mostar.

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