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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 1 de maio de 2018

Organ Sea - Zadar - #62HT

Three hours were separating Zagreb to Zadar, my second stop in Croatia, city that I chose few days before. I was considering two options for going after visiting Zagreb:

1) Traveling in the countryside of Croatian and Bosnia, until arrive in Sarajevo.

2) Traveling in the Croatian coast in the direction of the South and then go to Bosnia in the direction of Sarajevo.

I will never know how my experience traveling in the countryside of Croatia and Bosnia would be, but life is always like that. For every choice that you're making, you're giving up for infinity other choices. The fact is that when you're allowing yourself to live a specific moment, you're missing an infinity number of other moments. This is magic thing that make our life be that special. Every moment is unique. This moment can't be reproduced and be lived again. 

Choices can make us experience pleasant and agonizing. But this bottom that you can just press, once by time, can give you great moments often if you're synchronized with the environment, opened to receive, accept, trust and be thankful in what you're receiving.

It was like that in Zadar. The city that I stopped in this sunny and windy day just let me see the ocean by the first time in this Trip. Before finding the hostels I was walking to somewhere in the seaside to see the sun laying one the water. The sunset in Zadar was an extreme magic moment.

For some moments that I experienced in my trip, the Organ Sea was one of the most fantastic ones. Organ Sea is a huge experimental instrument. Its style is called as architectural sound art.

Basic the way that the waves are moving are going to create random harmonic sounds. If you can't really see this picture in your mind, try to imagine that the waves are coming and going and this movement is producing a sound like of one guy playing randomly chords in a Guitar. 

I'm sorry if I can't describe how amazing was this moment. But imagine how I was feeling sit alone in the stairs of the Organ Sea, listening this experimental natural music, holding my backpack, watching this simply incredible sunset. 

It was the first time in my life that I could see the nature playing a song, this was an instrument designed by a human that allows the nature plays it communicate with us by music.  

This moment made me feel how good can be to choose one thing that this moment is so great that you even aren't going to be able to miss what you didn't experienced.

This was my first hour in Zadar. For these pictures below, just one sentence: Chilling out moment.


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