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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2018

Party Therapy - #63HT

THE Organ Sea was such an amazing experience. These first minutes in Zadar were full of positive energies in an intensive way. I was involved with this spiritual connection between the environment around and I. I could feel, listen, see and smell it.

Glad to have the chance to live this moment, while I'm writing about myself, I can feel it like it was in the moment, like my private movie with sensation, but this magic moment then needed to face the reality. 

Well, I couldn't find any Couchsurfer to host me in Zadar and I didn't book anything until this moment. I needed to find a place to stay. This day was a hard to find hotspots to use Internet in the street to search for a hostel. I was planning more to walk around and check a cheap hostel to stay. My first try wasn't really successful. After walking for few minutes and not seeing a cheap place to sleep, I just stopped in front a laundry shop to “steal” their Internet.

Remembering this moment searching for a cheap and nice hostel to stay I was holding my phone in my hand, but at the same time observing people that were walking in this beginning of evening, maybe just leaving from their jobs to go home or maybe just leaving from their home to go out.
This quiet city showed me up an interesting nightlife. The small streets well illuminated, with some restaurants and pubs around, surrounded by people from different ages and nationalities around.      

After searching for a place to stay, I finally found somewhere called: Tequila's hostel and I just booked it. Nice name, inspiring to drink, to party and probably get wasted somewhere. Well, I'm the kind of person that doesn’t really need to go party often. I would say that I'm not a party addicted, if I don't go, I'm going to be still be good. On the other hand if I have the chance to go, like someone inviting, I will normally accept the invitation and there I will go. 

I like parties, not because of drinking. In fact I've been drinking quiet a lot in 2017, mainly because I was working in a bar in Luxembourg that I could drink as much as I could while I was working, without paying anything and once you start to make good cocktails you start to drink your self-made drinks, but now normally I don't need a drink or something else to enjoy the moment

I like parties more in the sense to listen a good music, dance this good music with all of this atmosphere interacting with people around.

Parties are for me an incredible social experience. I'm not talking about the vision that you have about party, if you like it or even if you don't like it.

I'm talking about a human group interaction. It's the place that we were out of our reality. I'm not talking about the possible effect of substances can give to us. I'm talking about you that are in your home now spending your night checking in the Facebook timeline what your 1000 friends are doing in this moment. Checking all of posts of your Facebook groups and commenting it.

What about if you just move yourself from this lonely moment and go out and meet up someone(s)? 

When I'm saying the word party, I'm not associating it a style of music or group of people, I'm talking about the social and human experience that I believe that you can always find your style of music or group of people.

Think about that you listen a song that it can make you feel relaxed you or maybe more energetic. Think about that you can dance frenetic or you can just be stopped with your closed eyes making the wave movement with your head, stepping one of your feet on the floor in the rhythm of the bass drum. You can be in a place that you'll interact with everyone, have plenty of short and intense experiences or you can just meet "the" person and spend hours talking with him/her. 

Think that these experiences of listening, dancing and interacting are in a scale from 0 to 10. The 0 would be quietest experience and the 10 a really the most energetic one. For each of them, you can use these scales and considering your tastes you'll find the best match.
Look dude, if you're easy going like me, you're always going to find something that you're attracted and you will go there and try it.

That's why I like to party. I listen all of styles of music, even particularly liking especially particular kind of styles, I'm opened to try all of them. About dance, I particularly don't know how to dance well, like not so much swing for a Brazilian, I just use to move my body and that's it. Some Europeans told me that I dance really well, but they just don't know that I'm so bad compared with other Brazilians that I know. At least from the European men, I believe that for dancing I'm above of the average. Anyway, the fact is that I love to dance and I feel really involved with the music, the beats that my body just moves involuntarily.

You can dance all of possible style of music. If you're listening a single instrument playing or just the sound of a solo voice just close your eyes and concentrate yourself on it. You're going to forget all of your problems and be completely cleaned mind. This is a kind of therapy, a party therapy.

This party therapy with music and dance also allows you to have more human interactions. Eyes contacts, accidentally touches, talks, partner dance, hugs, intentional touches...

You can have all of these interactions in level that you're interested in having. Just pick the one that matches better with you or be just easy going like me.  

Just enjoy, respect your limits and limit of others and I swear that everything is going to be all right for everyone. This is going to be your party therapy.

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