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A rich homeless

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sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2018

Slip - Croatia - #71HT

The windstorm was over and the sun just came up. After my chill night with my new Serbian Croatian group, it was the time to keep going and check what slip has of beauty. I didn't have time to say goodbye to Nina once she had to leave early to work, but goodbyes aren't necessary sometimes, just the memories about the moments are already enough ;)

The evening before that I arrive was raining a lot and me in the rush to meet my house I didn't even check the city or paid attention in what was around.

My 3rd and last destination in Croatia, Split is the second largest city in Croatia that was made by Romans and it was already a Greek colony. This city was already occupied by ottomans, was part of of the French Empire, Kingdom of Italy, Republic of Venice, Kingdom of Croatia and Kingdom of Dalmatia and others. During the II World War Split was occupied by Italians and afterwards occupied by Germans, lately it was part of the Yugoslavia state. Croatian as a country has just 27 years, but this city has millennia of history. 

This city, full of history from different occupancies and wars, have positive consequences after all influences. It's a really rich culture city with a spectacular atmosphere and impressive architecture. 

When you starting to walk in the streets you just realize the influence of the roman empire. Getting lost in the narrow streets I was having the feeling that in a small city in the coast of Italy. At the same time I was listening people in the street talking in Croatian and in the tourist spots I could listen any possible language.

Split in fact is a incredible city with churches, monuments, roman houses and ruins. In fact the old town was previously the Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Exactly, crazily this large part of the city that I was walking with 30000m square, in the past was just a big palace. A huge palace, place that around 9000 people were living during the roman empire. This is the world's most complete remains of a Roman palace. The place is really preserved that there is no Roman palace as completed as this one in the world. Until now you can find the same buildings that was build 1700 years ago and part of the wall the was built around the palace still remains.

If you like history and architecture, I highly recommend you to visit this place. It's such an culturally rich and charming city. If I didn't convince you with my words, just check it out the pictures ;)



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