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segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2018

Smoking polices - Bosnia - #74HT

In the middle of this simple city with houses not really well conserved with ruins and abandoned buildings around, I just arrived in a modern mall that I didn't feel to be in the same city anymore.

A big building in good location in the town that could be a commercial building located in western of Europe. Full of these brand stores, American fast food, a cinema and a game station. I didn't really expected that it could see a fancy place like that there, considering what I was seeing in my way to there. I was still discovering Mostar.

The interesting stuff is that inside the Mall you're allowed to smoke. I felt myself in this movies recorded 30 years ago, when you could smoke everywhere, like airplanes, shops, classroom and even hospitals. Thanks for the time and how the science proved how harmful the industrialized tobacco is. I use to smoke tobacco regularly, trying to reduce until the point that I'll stop, but for me it's kind insane to imagine someone smoking in hospitals, classroom or airplanes. If you never heard about it, Google something like: Smoking + Hospitals + Past. You also try to replace the word hospital for any other place that you think to be a non-appropriated place to smoke.

About smoking in the mall, for me it seemed really natural. I just didn't know that it was still allowed in some countries in nowadays. Even in Brazil I wouldn't imagine to see it. In this mall the consumers are allowed to smoke just in the common areas, not inside the shops. It makes all of sense, because even walking in the common area that there were smokers I couldn't feel the strong smell of cigarettes or see any concentrated smoke around. I liked the idea that allows people be free to smoke inside, mainly in the winter time that is cold outside, at the same time the smoking of them don't disturb other that much. I don't how it would be if 50 people would decide to smoke at the same time in this floor, I hope that it doesn't happen often.

In fact Bosnia has different smoking polices than European Union. Since 2007 was prohibited to smoke inside public buildings, but just in 2016 the country started to control to consumption of Tobacco, mainly in the advertising of the brands. However this is no law that prohibits Bosnia to smoke in Health care facilities, Schools, Universities, indoor office and work places, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, public transports or any other place indoor. In fact I've never been in many of these places to see if they smoke inside or not, but I believe that each place has its own policies. Bars, cafes and restaurants were places that I could easily see people smoking inside.

As smoker I don't care to be in a place that everyone is smoking if at least there is a good air circulation, but I can perfectly imagine how bad it is for someone that don't smoke and don't want to be a passive smoker.

It's something cultural, but it represents also a serious national heath problem. Bosnia has the 4th highest percentage of daily smokers in Europe, just losing from Russians, Serbians and Greeks.

The Bosnian government made a research that from the 1.2 million of current smokers, half of this amount is going to die prematurely. The government is using some keys that would prevent a premature life of 200.000 people for the next 15 years. You can check it in the link in the ending of the article for more information.

I don't even know how effective are these new strategies to control the consumption of tobacco, but I hope that it can work.



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