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sábado, 26 de maio de 2018

The Best Road! - #71HT

I've written 5 chapters talking about Split or something that made connection with my staying there. For less than 24h that I spent there it gave me a lot of inspiration and subjects to write about. That's how I feel excited while I'm writing. In fact this experience just became an extemporal one. As I said before the intensity can make few hours look like days or few days look like a month or even this few weeks that could be considered to myself as a complete year.

The chronological time doesn't really matter when our experience is being intense and pleasant. That's why sometimes I think that even having just 27 years old, some years of my life could fit well in an entire life. Sometimes I can have the feeling that some years that I lived I could be living the life as another person. It's like a pseudonym writer that writes about different people with different personalities, but in the ending he's just writing his self-biography. 

About intensity, the next hours of my trip from Slip to Mostar were one of the best ones that I had during this trip.

I took a bus from Slip that was crossing the country in the direction of the South, that most of the road was next to the seaside. 

Until now it was the most beautiful road that I've seen in Europe. From Split to Ploče were 120km in a narrow road full of curves shaped by the mountains.  Route where the bus was in the top of the hill but at the same time just few meters from the ocean. My favorites landscapes are where you have the perfect mixed between water (river, lake, ocean) and mountains. In this route most of the time I could see the mountains on the left and the ocean on my right side. I wish so hard that I had the chance stop in some spots just to chill out and relax, but the bus stopped just in few cities in the way to pick other passengers up.

It made me remember the trip that I have in the Highway 1 in California from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the most beautiful road that I ever driven. The highway 1 has more than 1000km of extension and most of the time around the seaside, it's so long and beautiful that deserves days stopping in few cities around, but I’ve done this 800km in a single day. It was like as in Croatia, but with a shorter extension. I was just moving from a city to another and I didn't have the time to check what was around, having more stops. For the Highway 1 and this road in Croatia, I really wish that I’d have time to travel there again to spend few days just moving around and checking with more attention these impressive landscapes. 

I wish I could have traveled this road by hitchhiking, once I could have several stops, but I was tired this day and not really in the mood to hitchhike, also once I needed to cross the border from Croatia to Bosnia, place that I would be outside from European Union by the first time in my trip. I thought that it would be better to cross the countries using public transport. 

Anyway I took some pictures from the bus that aren't the best ones, but you maybe can feel a little bit what I experienced and maybe you would even consider to go there and check it out what the Croatian seacoast could offer you. Enjoy!

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