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terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2018

Traveling inside out - #75HT

After waiting for while in the Mall, it was time to meet my host. Ana was a system administrator from Kupres, small village few hours from Mostar. This girl that gave me the best experience that I could have in Bosnia arrived directly from work and even not using Couchsurfing that often during her trips, most of the time going to Croatia, place that she has family, she was really active accepting travelers quite of often in her place. 

That’s how I could understand that even not leaving from my own city, I could still travel. When I'm receiving a guest in my place, it means that I can have an exchange of cultures: his/her culture, my own culture and the local one in the place that I'll be living. I can get know a lot about an individual person, but at the same time about his/her culture and in the ending explore my city with this person and then having the chance to travel and discover my own territory.

About learning the culture of others, I had some hosting experiences that I shared some time with people from countries that I've never been and I could mentally travel to their places and understand more about a culture difference between their countries, my one and the one that I have been living, like somewhere in Europe (Luxembourg, Spain and Germany).

My best experience in this sense was with guests from Israel, South Korea, Morocco, Turkey and Mexico. Places that I've never been before, but I had the chance to learn with them more about their cultures and then having some pictures in my mind how their places look like. That's what meeting travelers can give to you, a deep trip inside their cultures. I hope to have the chance to visit their countries one day, once I already have a feeling how it more less looks like from their eyes.

Another situation that I talked about is when you're in your own city, but sometimes foreigners know cooler spots than you. I'm not talking about tourists, I'm taking about backpackers or foreigners that are open to interact with locals and try different things until finding the best spots.

That's what happened with me in my hometown, when I was meeting up travelers around, I had the chance to explore my hometown and be in some cool spots that even spending 23 years of my life there I had never been before. With these travelers I got energized to explore what was around, really opened to walk to any direction, exactly what I do when I'm traveling.

The same thing happened when I was living in Granada hosting travelers, I every time could explore a different part of the city and surprisingly sometimes being in a spot that I've never been before. From the first guest to the last one that I had, when I used to hang out with them, I could have a unique experience most of the times being in an unknown spot. Once I was hosting a guy from South Korea and walking around a lookout point, in the way back home we just arrived in a street called as Little Senegal, a place that a community of Senegalese was living in millenary caves.

I've never been in this street before, place were invited to join them in their caves, smoke, chill and eat. It was the first time in my life that I've been in habited cave, where there was electricity, gas, water, toilet and even television. It was a big cave, all painted inside in white, where we spent few hours of our evening sharing experiences, joints, a special tea with coffee (delicious) and one of the best dishes that I've tried in lately made from them and shared in a big plate that everyone was eating together with their spoons. Seriously this fried rice with spices, the simplest food ever made was yummy. They were inviting a lot of people inside and even the food finishing in few minutes, they were replacing it often until nobody could eat anymore. For me was the beautiful message: how less we have, more we share.

In this moment I was a Brazilian traveling with a South Korean in a Senegalese community in Spain. This kind of stuff that you put 4 continents inside a millenary cave.  

The funny thing about this experience was that almost nobody from Granada or Andalusia that I met, had this experience before. It was in their city, in their state, but they never heard about there. Sometimes we travel around the world, crossing continents, learning a lot about culture, languages, religions, society, but at the same time we don't even know about different cultures, languages, religions of the place that we are living. I would just say to you that before decide to travel around the world and see what's going on around, try to travel inside your own universe, your city, the local communities that are living around and even not sharing the same background, mother language or social status than you, they are part of the society that you live.

For me as South American this experience with my African brothers was so different and unique, that afterwards some of them became good brothers that we were meeting up often in their caves or in some bars and clubs often. Try to imagine for a South Korean guy traveling around the world by his first time. My culture share some similarities with the African one, but for him, it was a completely world that even not understanding what we were saying (We were speaking Spanish and French mostly), he was amazed with everything that happened, I could see in his eyes and afterwards in our talks. This big cultural chock was positive, gladly.

That's how I express the experience that you can have meeting a traveler. Ana really knew it and for her this time meeting a Brazilian could give to her the chance to visit Brazil inside Mostar at the same time giving to her the chance to travel in her own city, in her own country: Mostar - Bosnia.

Caves - Little Senegal - Granada - Spain

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