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A rich homeless

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sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2018

Zadar - Croatia - #65HT

don't remember why, but I took so many pictures in my day life in Zadar. After arriving from party therapy and sleeping few for few hours in the hostel, I just woke up in the checking-out time of the hostel. 

Then I put my backpack and decided to walk around to check the attractions of the city walking randomly in the streets and stopping in places that felt attracted to stop. In fact the city that in the daylight was completely different than at night.

The light during the night with bars and pubs just took place to touristic shops and restaurants in this cloudy and warm day.

My favorite stop was a Church. Yes a church, the Zadar Cathedral was the best viewpoint of the city. It was basically in the center of the old town and it's possible to see the city for many different perspectives.

This is Zadar, I believe that I can express my daylight experience more pictures than words and it's how I could see Zadar after walking for few hours.

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