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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2018

Zadar Night Life - #64HT

Tequila Bar Hostel, that's how was called the place that I've booked to sleep this night. It was the cheapest well located place that I could find to stay. About accommodation, living or traveling, the location is more important than how the place looks like for me.

After the price factor, my priority is being in a well-located place that I can easily go to any place that I need to go. For instance when I arrived in Granada, I had two options, a big room in a place 25min walking from my university campus or a smaller room 2 minutes walking from my campus. I chose the smaller one. I believe that I can optimize my life and spend this saved time to make things that can give me pleasure.

That's where I was, my cheap option in Zadar was fine for place that it cost. The experience was something like most of the hostels. It's a place with travelers from different countries, background, cultures, economic levels that are together in a single place, walking around, chatting, cooking together, going party together, listening some snoring during the night, walking up at 5am after some drunk guys arrive and you're in fact the drunk guy waking up the others. 

Before using Couchsurfing, I use to meet up most of the travelers in hostels that I was staying. Nowadays I barely stay in hostels, but there are some situations that I stay there. Mainly when I don't find someone to host me, like in Zadar. I honestly prefer to stay with a Couchsurfing host than in hostels, but I still believe that experiences in hostels can also be cool, random meet ups potentially can happen.

That's how my night was, a random meet up between the Couchsurfing and the hostel. Basically one girl that couldn't host me, she just had invited few travelers to meet up. The interesting point was that we meet up in the bar of the hostel that I was staying with two other guys that were staying there as well. I don't remember all of nationalities, but in the group that was a girl from Peru that I could use my bad Portuñol to talk :). 

Tequila Bar Hostel, by the name is easy to know what we were going to experience. I needed to walk few seconds from my room to the bar and meet the group. Here we were, drinking beers and Tequila. That's again the moment that the alcohol affects the memory. Like in Zagreb I had the same feeling in Zadar, walking in zigzag, holding a bottle of beer and try not to fall in the street.

We just ended up in the roof terrace from the girl that invited us to hang out. A floor without walls and nobody was living there. It would be a great place to make a party therapy.

This was my view that I ended up my second nightlife in Croatian, Simply chilling in the roof terrace watching the lights of the city and the dark sky with few stars.

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