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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2018

Bosnia Stays - #81HT

A Brazilian traveler feeling like a Bosnian, had moment to move again. The day after I needed to move again, because it was almost ending of April and I needed to be back to Luxembourg in the 1st of May and I didn't even know how I would go back.

I could go back just hitchhiking or just take a flight from the Balkans to Germany or Belgium. In fact I had so many plans in my mind for these 5 next days. I though about travel to Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania taking a flight back to Germany; Go by hitchhiking to Bulgaria or Romania and take a flight from there; Go by hitchhiking to Germany passing in Serbia, Hungary and Czech Republic; I also consider to go to Albania and there take a Boat to Bari and catch a flight to Belgium.

My feelings and expectations were so high that I needed to slow down a bit. Otherwise I would have the feeling to hold the entire world with my arms. What did I learn until this moment? I easily could count 4 more countries in my world list, but I just decided to keep traveling without plans, like I've doing since I started my trip, even not knowing what I was doing and how it would change me.

This fear about where I would go and sleep in day after, the one that I had in the first days, was over. Everything that happened until this moment was about energy that connected the world with me and people like me around. We would call them as being humans. This connection that provided me a successful trip, having the chance to meet amazing people, sleeping safe and warm all of night, having a warm and good food to eat everyday, moving from a place to another having a new kind of experience.

If you didn't believe or understand anything that I wrote before, you can call it as luck.

Great luck that's always following me. Luck that make me feel optimistic and believe that things are just happen for me. If in my life I have points to complain about, I truly believe that it's going to be fixed in the right time. What you call as luck is basically what the world can provide me in accidental moments, just the ones that I wasn't really planning it. I'm not talking the fact that I'm applying for a job or university. I'm going more to the root. Like how did I arrived in the place that I'm now, how did I arrive in the places that I was before and how to be in these places, in these exactly days/moment made me have a unique experience and meet people contributed to change the person that I am and the place that I am now.

This occasionally that makes all the difference. I had to keep traveling like that and my feeling and connection was so strong that I invited my host to travel with me and she just accepted my invitation after asking day off in her work.

I'm always receiving energies from the world, from people and I hardly want to share it. I want to give everything from me and received everything from them.

Ana and me had this goal in the day after: Hitchhike to Montenegro. It would be her first time traveling by hitchhiking from Bosnia to Montenegro and a complete break in his routine. The nerd and serious girl that I met in the first moment that after few hours was more chilling, in this moment she got all of energies that I could get during my trip and crazily said yes for my weird idea about to travel without plans.

It was a Friday night, we would need to wait until Sunday to travel, because she had guests on the Saturday and then she would have just Sunday and Monday free to travel.

That's the feeling, I was leaving from Bosnia, but then I decided to stay one more day in Mostar to wait for her and Bosnia was still going to be part of my trip, this time in Montenegro.

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