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terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2018

Half Kilo of Tobacco - 7 Euros - #80HT

From the city that I didn't have any plan to go few days before, I was going to experience my 3rd day in Mostar, thing that never happened before during this trip. Most of the times I was spending just one night in each city and sometimes I spent 2, but there I was going to spend my 3rd one. Normally I when I'm traveling using Couchsurfing, I don't really feel comfortable to stay in someone's place for more than 1 night, sometimes I stay 2 days, but hardly ever I use to send a request for longer.

I try to put myself in my host's situation, once that I already hosted others. When I'm staying in their places, I feel that even being excited to meet me up and share this private space with me, having a intense exchange, they lose in someway their privacy, they need to change their routines and once you're hosting, normally you want to give your best to your guest and then you'll spend a lot of energy on it.  I would say that afterwards they'll be tired, needing their own space, privacy, routine and pace back.

As a host I felt the same, I didn't use to accept requests for long term. Always when I hosted someone I just had a room that I use to share my private space with my guest and I had just one key that I used to keep with myself making my guests being depended of me sometime, making me to be worried about them as well. I love the experience of hosting and guesting, but I believe that these experiences are so intense that sometimes it's necessary to have a break. The way that I can define myself: A person that has moments to feel good being around people, connected with them and exchanging these good energies together. At the same time I also have the moments that I like to be by myself isolated, in my solid and dry square.

This is the way that I am. I can be the most sociable person that you could ever met, but sometimes the need some moments for myself as well.

About Mostar, I had some rules, I should respect the space of my host, respecting my conduct code that say to me for not staying longer than 2 night in someone's place. We actually even didn't need to discuss about it, what we are thinking at lunch was what we would have as dinner. 

I'm really flexible for everything and that's how the exceptions come. I just decided to stay one more night in Mostar. I felt so connected with my host that I didn't really need to keep moving in this moment.

My plan was about to spend one night in each city, going to the south as fast as I could with the intention to visit as many cities and countries as I could, but in Mostar this mind thinking just changed. This was one of the best lessons of my trip. I became so flexible that number of countries or cities that I've been didn't really matter anymore. I don't really feel proud of the fact I had the chance to visit over 25 different countries or hundreds cities in my life until this moment. Sometimes I didn't even experience that much something valuable and sometimes it was remarkable experience.

The kind of trip that you just stopped in a attraction and took a selfie catching this building behind you smiling nicely and then updating it in the Instagram, after you tagging the location and feeling accomplished after dozens likes. Cool!

I used to do it often dude, don't feel offended, maybe I still can catch myself doing the same. What I'm saying is that for me now it matters more to get know one place better than travel crazily around just for likes that I’ll receive for my Facebook check-ins. After few weeks traveling I just decided to replace the days that I would spend in Sarajevo, the capital, in this unknown city: Mostar.

Thing that I will never regret, you'll see later that Sarajevo, the target of y trip, is a city that I didn't really visit, even being just 150km away from there.

My lesson about Mostar is the one that I wrote in the chapter before, feeling like a local. When I said that I was feeling as someone from Mostar, It's something like that I was walking in a local market looking for cheap tobacco that my host told me to go there.

After walking few minutes around there without talking with anybody because I didn't speak Croatian or Bosnian, I just gave up after not seeing anybody selling tobacco right there.
Afterwards when I was having lunch with my host, she gave me key tips in what I needed to do to complete my task with success. My goal was buying tobacco in a black market in Mostar, not speaking the same language. When I said black market, it means that the tobacco isn't controlled by the government. It's like a farmer that produces its own tobacco and want to sell it without paying taxes. Specifically this tobacco was from Serbia, once the tobacco there is even cheaper.

Arriving at the market again I just started to talk with some people that were working there using a single word: tobacco. Using this single word, a lady that was selling clothes just started to speak Croatian pointing me to a place that I should go but when realized that I wasn't understand a single word that she was saying, she just grabbed my arm and walked with me until the guy that was selling spices in a table. I just repeated the word tobacco in front of him and he opened a drawer in his table and grabbed a pack of one kilo and offered. I was like: Damn it, what I'm going to do with 1kg of tobacco. I used to smoke 2 - 3 cigarettes per day, spending in one month around a pack of 30g of tobacco. One kilo would be definitely too much for me.

Using hand signals I just asked smaller amount, the communication was working somehow and he showed a pack of half kilo that and using his hands he asked 15 Bosnian Markas for it. I just had 14 Markas in my pocket and using signals to explain it, we just made had a final deal ;) Half kilo of tobacco cost me 7 Euros. I'm currently living in Germany and over here a pack of cigarette from a popular brand is going to cost the same 7 euros. Just for comparison of prices, over here 120g of tobacco costs about 20 euros, same price that I insanely could buy 1,5kg. Thanks for the governments actions that tax more the tobacco, creating some obstacles for its consumption. Once everyone knows that the tobacco isn't the healthiest thing that you can burn and send the smoke inside your longs.

Anyway this experience was another unique one that I had in Mostar. I don't really believe that as a tourist I could find this cheap tobacco and communicate with them without sharing any language in common. This was just a special moment. I just finished this tobacco almost on year later, giving part of it to smokers that I met overtime. Just for my host I gave maybe 15% - 20% of the total amount.

Mostar, my exception, breaking my own rules of limit time of stay I could really feel connected more and more with this place. 

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