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A rich homeless

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domingo, 10 de junho de 2018

The Best Therapy - #78HT

Life is an eternal process of learning. In fact this is the reason that makes our life be that magic. We're always living being exposed to learn something from different experiences. At least you need to try to learn something that it's going to affect directly our current thoughts or create some new ones that we never though about before. 

I believe that every single experience that I'm living and when I'm completely opened to talk, listen and understand this experience, I'll learn something. This is a truth in my life now. I'm always going to change my way of thinking after exposing myself to an exchange of energies.

This was exactly what happened with me during this trip in every single day, hour, minute or second. It also includes this night in Mostar.

Ana was hosting me by the second night even having 2 other guests coming. That's the moment that I was cooking Brazilian food for the four of us, when Ana was picking up them in the same place that we met.

When they arrived the food was almost ready and we could start to have our group connection that made us a family during this night. A couple of a French guy and a Polish girl, my host from Bosnia and me as a Brazilian backpacker were sharing the same place this night. This kind of mixture made our night be so chill and interesting. The connection between us was really good and with good Brazilian food and some drinks we could exchange a lot with each other and I believe that they were as opened as me to live and learn.

The couple was making a world trip that they just started recently in the Balkans they planned to cross some spots around Africa and Asia, they would end up in South America. They were working during several years together in Paris, when the company that they were working was bought by a Chinese group. When the Chinese group assumed it, they just replace most of the employees for new ones and they were part of this group that got fired. Once they didn't have a job anymore and it was really expensive for them to keep live in Paris, they just decided to use the money that they saved in the past years to travel around the world with just a big backpack to learn things about this big globe, learn more about themselves and afterwards see what they want to do for their life. 

This is one the reasons that a lot of backpackers that I met decided to do the same. Maybe for personal issues, like ending of relationships, family problems, difficult to find themselves and non-happiness with the life that they were having, they decided to do it.

Like them, when you breaking up with your comfort zone, you just start to live different experiences that's not part of your routine. Your Dopamine is probably going to be in a high level if you really know how to enjoy this moment.

Between many things that a trip can give to you, I'll highlight two of them:

  • It's the best public school that exists - You can learn so many things with places and people that you're never going to be able to learn the same in the classroom with your books;
  • It's the best Therapy - It can make you forget your problems, because your brain and soul are going to be always exposed for new interactions that the older ones are going to be replaced overtime. Different experiences can also make you learn more about yourself and make you starting to think about questions that you can make to yourself to fix your personal problems.

I've never done this world trip, but traveling from Belgium to Montenegro and many other places that I've traveled or lived made me learn a lot and make the person that I am now. Also it works perfectly as a therapy for me that already made me forget scars from the past and make me start to argue with myself so many times and then understanding more about the meaning of my existence.

The thing that matters more for me is what I'm doing of my life, how I'm living it and the way that I’m contributing to others: My family, friends, acquaintances and every single being human that I never met and I'll never have the chance to meet.

It's about how good I'm feeling now, how people around me are feeling, but also what I can do for people that don't have the same opportunities, luck or the same privileges as I have. 

What can I do to "save" the world? Just for making a equilibrium between people. It doesn't matter which religion, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, appearance you have. I really wish that we could see each other in the same way, understanding, respecting, helping, making their life as good as ours. I don't really know how it can be possible one day, but I believe that can work now to build one answer that future generations can find it out.

You're my experiment now. If some ideas started to touch you, argue with them. I'm not asking you believe in my words and follow it as a bible, I'm asking for you giving opportunity for your brain think more, leave from your box and see different point of views and start to think with your own brain, start to have options about things by yourself and not because someone told you what's good and bad. Just argue, overtime questions are going to be solved inside your brain.

Now my contribution is about sharing what I learned when I talk with people and when someone is reading what I’m writing, like you in this exactly moment.

I hope one day to travel around the world as this couple did and learn as much as I can, then being able to share with you what I learned, giving my contribution to the world and hopefully finding other ways how to contribute as well.


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