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quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2018

Been read - #82HT

I remember the first time that I started to write. My idea 5 years ago was sharing with my friends and family what I was experiencing in my new experience living in the USA.

The first post was a success, everyone was so excited, liking, commenting and asking me more, however overtime they started to lose interest in what I was writing. Then from 100 likes in a post, sometimes I had Facebook posts with none like.

In this moment I was thinking about the sense of writing. People that were really important for me, like Mother, Father, my former girlfriend and close friends weren't even knowing what I was writing since long time. I kind of started to have a lack of motivation about writing and for some periods (months) I didn't write anything because I though that I was spending my energy do make something that nobody was appreciating and I though so many times about not writing anymore.

Surprisingly overtime I started to realize that my posts were in the Internet. "Silly". A platform that everyone have access from a computer or smartphone in any part of the world and even writing in Portuguese, there was a tool from Google function that allow translate it to any language. Even the translation being weird, everyone could see it! Seeing some analytics I realized that I was been read from People that weren't just in Brazil, but also from the USA and other countries around the world.

This Insight made me realize that I could keep writing in being read from what I was sharing about myself. Even if people close from me not being interested on read it, I could keep doing what I was starting to like to do. Put my thoughts in words.

In fact my former blog was really informative and a beginner one. I didn't know how to share myself in words as I’m doing it now. Now I don't really care about Facebook likes or how many people are engaged in my stuff. Honestly I don't really care about numbers. If I can reach deeply 10 people, for me is more important than thousand views that I can have in my posts.

Most of my popular posts now aren't my favorite ones. They are mostly more informative ones. On the other hand my favorite ones aren't that popular, but I'm really sure that the small amount of people that I reached, it already give me the pleasure and motivation to keep writing.

My public doesn't really matter. This experience in my blog and also in the second one that just few people that I know follow it. For instance my family and close friends in Brazil probably don't really know what I'm doing here.

What I realized was that different people have different interest of reading and for any content there is a specific public that will be interested in access it. I perfectly understand it. If you're reading me now, it's because in someway I arouse your interest.

For this trip is the same. I'm writing about my experiences with great people that I met around, however some of them never going to read this story. The ones that I didn't exchange my contact or the ones that I'm not in touch anymore. Also maybe few of them that will read it, they won't have that much interest in keeping reading the story.

I don't really mind. It's a public content that can be accessed from everyone and not be accessed from anyone. If maybe I couldn't reach them, I'm happy that I'm reaching and touching you now.

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