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A rich homeless

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sábado, 21 de julho de 2018

Limits - Understanding x Extending - #87HT

Here we were, crossing the border in a van, where police officers from each one of the borders were checking the documents from everyone. I've got 2 new stamps, one from Bosnia, country that I was leaving and another one from Montenegro, country that I was arriving.

Afterwards it was the van crossing incredible landscapes with mountains and lakes around. This views were crazily beautiful in a road that there were just nature and just few small villages were seen. The green was predominant everywhere.

This picture below is from the biggest village that I saw. The other ones are just randomly pictures that I took inside the van.

In this way we met an Italian friendly guy that was sharing his experience with us in the van. He was traveling from North of Italy to Greece by feet. He was crazily doing the entire trip from North of Italy to the Montenegrin border walking around 50km per day and camping at night somewhere around. It seems like a wild and interesting experience, at the same time the reason, that he was taking public transport by the first time in his 600km trip until this moment, was because he completely exhausted. In fact his skin was really burned by the sun and he seemed to be really skinner than his normal shape, his eyelids was really deep showing how bad he was sleeping and eating lately. He also was saying that he had a lot of packs of sugar in his bag for extreme moment when I didn't have food. 

For me it was a kind too extreme that I'm not sure if I would be able to enjoy my trip like that. At the same time I believe that once he respected his limits not going to keep his trip until Greece by feet, deciding to take a bus. I believe that this day was his limit. It was something that was learning about myself, learning my limits trying to extend them overtime. I believe that when we extend our limits, overtime we just become stronger and more resistant. The only needed thing is that the understanding and extending need to work together. If you don't understand your limits, your restrictions, you won't be able to extend them.

This dude that was going to Podgorica and this time he had an accommodation booked in a hostel, thing that we didn't even have for this night. This would be his luxury day trip.

The trip took just 2h, having a stop in a gas station that I tried to buy Coke that the Machine stoled one euro, as you can see in this amazing video.

Interesting point is that even being outside of European Union, Montenegro uses Euros, what made me my trip really easier, once I didn't need to exchange my money there. 

Here we were, arriving in Podgorica, saying goodbye and strongly desiring the best trip that this dude could have. I was really impressed with his courage and strength. I really could imagine myself being completely exhausted in the first days. I can't really see me doing 50km walking per day. The day that I walked 21km I was already completely dead. Proud of this guy, I strongly believe that he overcame his limits overtime. But well, everyone can do it as well, overcoming our limits, like this trip that I've done, for me I strongly overcame my limits, even not knowing it before.

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