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sábado, 7 de julho de 2018

Move! #83HT

Bosnia stayed. Our trip planned to be on Sunday, just happened precociously. Ana's guests that were planning to stay on Saturday just canceled they stay. She was arriving after work and we just talked about: why not to leave earlier?

She would have just 2 days and one night like our first plan. Why not to make this moment longer? At least for one night. Our feeling, our connection and our intuition just made us in an ending of this afternoon to go to the highway and try to reach Montenegro, precisely Budva. We just started to make crazy plans, thinking about cities/countries that we could go and the routes that we could try to Hitchhike.

This day was the one that in few minutes earlier we decided to go to Budva and in the day after were planing to go to a small city in Albania. Countries that even living close, Ana never had the chance to go there before. I was getting so excited, because I really wanted to go to Albania. I had so great experiences with Albanians in my staying in Europe and two people that I just met once physically, more than one year later we still talk with other often and one of them we have such a great connection and I feel really close to her. Albania is one of my wish list top priorities to go.

It's still in my wish list. Actually we weren't successful this evening to reach Budva and the Albanian dream was postponed.

It doesn't really matter for this moment, considering the vibe that we were having. I felt as free as I would be traveling by myself. We were just two super flexible backpackers that for us every situation would be fine, wherever we were going, wherever we would arrive it would be fine.

This Feeling is strongly hard to find when you're traveling with someone. Ana was so open-mind and flexible and I was floating in the same level of energy. We were like playing an orchestra in a perfect tone, trusting fully in each other.

This incredible human being feeling that made this moment to be really special as others during my trip that I will never forget about it.

We just landed in road in the exit of Mostar, city that was not saying a goodbye, but a see you soon, once I would need to go back there.

My trip was almost over and after searching a lot of option how to get back to Luxembourg, the best option that I found was leaving from Mostar by bus, once airplanes tickets in few days in advance was too experience.

In this moment I didn't have time to travel by hitchhiking back. I was about 1500km away from Luxembourg. It would be such a crazy trip to cross one country per day, I couldn't do it peacefully. Anyway the story about my way back you'll know soon ;)

Standing in this sunny ending of afternoon, we spent few minutes waiting in a spot in the highway until realized that it wasn’t working well, we needed to change our location at least twice until the moment that our first guy picked us up, starting then our Journey.


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