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segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2018

Open-minded - #84HT

It was a trip. The trip as every fragment of time that I experienced since I left from Charleroi. It have been more than 1 year that I had this trip, in this moment that I'm writing now, I'm nostalgically living this moment again. It crazily makes me have the feeling that these weeks were so intense that I could write all of these stories as the story of one entire life. It's crazy to imagine, but these was one of the many life that I had in my existence. I lived so many periods in my life in different places, interacting different people and having different beliefs. They were completely different persons that one that I'm now. In this undefined character, you'll think that this character is a weak person, without stability of thinking and feeling, this person that can change his idea from a night to a day, someone without personality. This kind of character that in your mind is completely lost in his/her mind.

This character in fact is the one that is always going to be opened for new ways of thinking and feeling. This person understood that there is no sure about anything in the life.

This person realized that 100% doesn't really exist, everything can be argued and this truth can just not be like that any longer.

It's exactly like science. In science everything is questionable. It means that it's full of theses that after been published, they was accepted for big part of the science community and became theories that we have nowadays. At the same time any theories can be questioned. It means that any person could say that Einstein was wrong in his theories. The point is that he/she would need to proof it and have his/her thesis accepted by the scientist community.

This character has the same system of the science in his mind. Nothing is 100% truth.

Dude, this character is I. I strongly believe that all of my ideas, feeling and beliefs can change overtime. I've been changing a lot in the past years and in this different life that I had. I changed my ideas so many times about several subjects after experiences. I believe that I'm in a constantly and unstoppable change.

For instance that person that lived this travel experience in April of 2017 this person, that's writing now and the person in the moment that you're reading it, are completely different ones.

I just understand that I always need to be open for new information, listening of all sides and afterwards making your own option about it.

Try to think about some subjects:

Abort is a crime;
Weed is harmful drug; 
Homosexuality is a human aberration; 
Criminals should be punished harder;
Refugees are invaders;
The only way to reach God is by Christians;
Race quotas are senseless;
Feminism is bullshit.

Damn it. I could list so many other topics here that I would go to an infinity loop of information. Look, think about these topics, if you agree to any of them, just try to think the reason why you believe on it.

Everything that you believe is based in life experiences that you had. It means that from the religion that you have to the soccer club that you support. All of these directions that you took was based in your life experiences. You can learn from everywhere, from family, friends, school, church, work, TV's, books and since more than two decade also by internet and strongly now with social medias.

Everything that you're, everything that you believe is based in the interactions that you had. Try to think about one of these topics that you agreed. I'm not here to say that you should believe on it. I'm opposite for all of these topics, but one day in my life I supported all of them.

Dude, everything that you lived is based in your interactions, if you don't expand your level of interaction, you always are going to be collecting information from the same source. Like your father, mother, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, colleagues from school or church told you that abort is a crime, weed is a drug, the man was made for the woman, criminals that chose to be what they are, refugees are criminals and terrorist invading other countries, if you're Judaic, Muslin, Buddhism or if you pray for any other god that's not the Christian one, having Jesus as protagonist, you never are going to reach the real God, black people shouldn't extra benefits and the man is the head of the family, chauvinism doesn't exist. 

In the ending all of you guys learned about this subject just from the same source, a society heritage. As everyone I'm part of it. There is no way to scape out of it. You always are going to be influenced from the society that you live, but depends of the environments that you have, these truths can start to change overtime. As I believed in each point that I mentioned above and now I'm against all of them and I can explain properly why I believe one it. At the same time I can understand if you don't believe in the same as me. At least I strongly try to understand the different and my goal is understanding more and more until certain point I'll be able to reach you, maybe in a similar way that I'm reaching you now or how you see yourself in the past, present or tomorrow.

Life's a long lesson.

For this changing that I had and that still I'm having, it took so much pages of my existence book. It made the life that I had behind me, being a person that I couldn't imagine how would be to meet up. Thanks for who know at least 3 years longer than now and still love me :)

This person without identity is always working to go as close as possible to the full understanding. Contradictorily, I'll never reach this point. It's a infinity equation of life that we build every single day a new brick. Getting closer is already enough. Small drops of rain dropping in the ocean.

Dude, life is boring if you don't question yourself, when you don't question your ideas and beliefs. If you argue, having new experiences, traveling, interacting with people with different ideas and beliefs, you're going to have the chance to make some of own your ideas by yourself. Some of your ideas and beliefs are going to get stronger and stronger and some of them are going to be destroyed overtime living space to build new ones.

That's how I guide my life. I use try to travel to the mind of someone that has a different idea or belief than mine just after meeting them and staying in their country or just after exchanging experiences. Even if I won't be believe in the same that they do I'll at least understand why we're different. Maybe none of our true is a truth or maybe both of our truths are truth for us.

Personal perceptions of reality:

-       If you wouldn't abort a kid, it doesn't mean that other woman shouldn't have this right;
-       If you don't want to smoke weed, it doesn't mean that other people shouldn't consume it;
-       If you're straight, it doesn't mean that people from the same gender can be together;
-       Before guilt a criminal try to understand which experiences he had in his life;
-       Before judge a refugee try to understand why they left from their countries;
-       Even having your belief, try to understand why people have other ones and then respecting;
-       If your ancestries weren't affect by the slavered and what they suffered, try to understand more about what's slavery and how it happened for centuries;
-       If you're not feminist activist, try to understand what they are fighting for. 

This is fascinating, I started to change my mind about so many things after interacting with people that think in a different way that I think. About this list that I put above, these amazing opposite interactions gave me the chance to destroy and build all of them and make the core of the person that I'm now. Having my currently beliefs and ideas more solid, at the same time arguing myself, being opened to changed again when it makes sense.

You’re just able to understand the meaning of open mind, when you're one. 


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