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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2018

Stolac - Bosnia - #85HT

The show must go on. In this last days of my trip I would still have remarkable experiences. There we were, getting our first ride in the direction of Montenegro. Ana and I actually started the trip in a different way. Once our first try to go to Montenegro weren't working (this 143km until the border), we decided to try to go to small cities in the way. We were basically looking in the Map and starting to write down the name of the cities in our A4 paper sheet. Some of our rides were so short, that one of them was for just 10km.

In this narrow road that connect Mostar to Podgorica we were stopping in cities that wasn't really cities. They were something like villages or rural communities. I don't remember all of names, but what I wrote in the paper sheet were like: Rodoc, Stolac, Mezari and Trebinje. We were sometimes just stopping to buy fresh strawberry with some farmer that was selling it the margin of the road or sometimes we were just walking around the villages. 

In Stolac we stopped because of a castle that we saw in the highway. In fact the guy just dropped us in a point before of his destination, which was also in our way.

Distractions... But a cool one, we just went to see the castle, but I swear, that view from the road was so much cooler than the closer view. It was a big wall crossing part of the city, like a former fortress and a small castle in the top.

Once we were in the city we could see just the castle and part of the wall. The from the highway was definitely better. We couldn't even take a picture to describe how cozy this place was.

This moment of the trip was the chill one. In this warm day that we should be in running against time, because we need to reach Budva. Then we just decided to calm down, walking around the city, grabbing some street food and afterwards sitting in a bar to drink a cold beer and smoke a cigarette in this sunny and warm day.

For most of us real backpackers, traveling is synonymous of freedom. The moment to swim in a deep ocean of causality let us having unpredictable great experiences. At the same time when we plan things in a really strict way and we just block ourselves for changes. Like that we can miss so many unpredictable and amazing experiences, like this one in Stolac.

It's a kind of cool have idea about how the trip is going to be. Normally I just know the day that I'll leave and go back and sometimes I have some plans about places to see. It's about expectations.

Plans about accommodation or transport were always in my mind for the possible options, but in this trip these plans weren't that perfect. Everything used to be planned one or two days before. I even needed to plan my trip in the last minute, moments that I was stuck somewhere, like Tettingen, Karlsruhe, Königsbrunn and Podgorica. All these cities I decided to go few hours before arriving there, none of them were planned to go in the day before and all of them I had such amazing and memorable experiences. If I wouldn't be flexible to change my mind in these moments, I would definitely miss some special moments that I had in my life. I'm not even counting the dozens smaller cities that I spent few hours while I was hitchhiking.

I would miss as well the chance to chill in this sunny day drinking a fresh beer in Stolac. If you are not Bosnian, you probably never heard about there. It's just 37 away from Mostar. There are evidences that the first inhabitation in the city is dated 15 thousand years ago.

I'm not expert in history or architecture but goggling it, I've found that Sloac has a mix of 9 different architecture styles: pre-history, Illyrian-Roman period, the early Middle Ages, advanced and late Middle Ages, Ottoman period, Austro-Hungarian period. If you history fan will you understand better than me, it was part of four different empires: Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian. Just 15 thousand people are living there, 5 thousand less than 40 years ago. Completely inverse than what happened with the urbanization in the world in the past 40 years.

Anyway, if one day you'll be around south of Bosnia, try Stolac or just be opened for new experiences wherever you're and you will probably visit amazing cities that you never though that it exists before being there. That how your world just become opener. That's how you expand your mind, energies and world.

Open your mind.
That's my best picture from Stolac (Sorry)


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