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terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2018

Touching you - #89HT

Podgorica, time to check our unplanned stop there. First of fall, I was hungry after traveling this entire afternoon and part of the night that I spent 8 articles talking about it. Considering that I'm finishing to write about my trip, I want to finish this chapter of my life and read the entire piece afterwards. Piece that's going to become a book. If you're reading it now in my blog, it's going to be a part of book and if you're reading me in the book version, it was already just an unpretentious article. I've no idea about the power of my words, but I believe that they are becoming stronger. I strongly believe on this when I see my words affecting people around me. The point is that I have no idea about how these words are affecting people that are reading me. Dude, I have no idea how it's impacting you now. In what you're reading here is going to make you think about any kind of topic differently.

Dude, I don't want to change your mind, I don't want to make you believe in what I believe. I'm not here to convince you and have you as my loyal follower. Sorry, but I don't have the truth. I just want to give you some inputs.

You already have your ideas and beliefs and they are going to change overtime in your life depending about the inputs that you'll receive, your interactions, your experiences...

I want to make with exactly what people do with me everyday: They interacted with me and I did the same with them. These interactions are going to make who we currently are. While you are read my words, I'm sharing part of my mind with you. You're having the chance see what's even sometimes I'm not able to see. I'm trying to build ways how to see the world, to see the life. None of my ideas are 100% built and they are never going to be. In the same way that I'm building it, I strongly hope that you're doing it in your life, not just by what you're reading here, but also what you can see and learn for each interaction that you can have. 

You just need to build your own understanding, not being limited just from one source of information. I completely understand if you don't agree about things that I wrote in the previous chapters. I want to hear your point of view and understand making a way that we can start to interact with each other reaching a level of communication we can have the chance to rebuild any idea and find together a new truth about it. If you think similar or it touched you, that's cool, maybe these inputs are making you think about something that somehow you already knew about it. Today my input for you will be: Why don't you try to do the same as me?

You don't need to write articles or books. We can always find a way to contribute positively to the world. I utopically believe that I can change the world, such a cliché. You can say that this world is already fucked up, predicting that in the future is going to be worse. That's logical and I can understand why you think like that. I do understand you, I already though about it and I still sometimes think like you, however I'm everyday trying to find reasons for my existence. The purpose of my life in this universe. I don't want to be that deep, but my life need purposes of living and once I'm getting new inputs I started to see how the life can be pleasant when you contribute to the world. 

I have so much pleasure in writing it in this moment and in most of my articles. This is my therapy, the moment that I sit in a chair and watch myself writing dark letters in a write background during few hours that I don't feel that the time passed. This is the moment of extreme pleasure, when we lose the track of time that few minutes summed up as an instance. Like a moment of the orgasm when few minutes of a pleasant sex become mentally few seconds, do something that give us pleasure can make our life amazedly better.

The moment of writing is one of the many moments that I feel pleasure in my life. I strongly believe that it's making me feel overtime more and more alive. I'm learning overtime new reasons of my existence and writing for you now is of one the things that give me pleasure and make me feel strongly alive, understanding the world that I live more and more and seeing how I can contribute positively for it.

Sometimes meeting people I have the same level of communication that I'm having with you now. Dude, you can just do the same. I'm not asking you to write articles or a book, you can do it if you're motived, but just the fact to be open to interact with people and try to understand them is already a good start. As I'm building my ideas and finding ways to contribute positively to world and I believe that it can be like a virus. If you're understanding me and if it made you think in what I'm thinking, it's already a virus that wasn't spread from me, but from my interactions, from different experiences and people that crossed my way.

Again, you don't need to believe or think the same in everything that I'm writing, I just hope that it can touch you in a way that you can think more about this subject and try to talk with people that preferentially think completely different than you then try to understand why you both think in this different way. It's going to happen the same that's happening while you're reading me. It's almost the ending of this chapter and you're still reading me. These inputs are making you thinking straight about something, it doesn't matter if you agree or disagree. You can just ignore it and follow your life, but maybe you can have the chance to argue with yourself about what you believe and understand as well why people think different than you.

Dude, just be open to listen and understand, the world is missing it so hard. The fact I have different beliefs, ideas, ideologies, it doesn't mean that my ideas are the right ones and yours are the wrong ones. It just opens a space that we can debate and build something together based in understanding and respect. Why not trying to understand why people have different religions that ours, why we have different political point of view, different options about polemic topics that affect our society (Drugs, Abortion, Sexism, Racism, Refugies, Sexuality, Inequality, War or any other subject that people share so many different options about it. 

I changed my mind about these topics after talking with people with different point views than mine. Even now I can learn a lot with the opposite. Once I understand them, I can talk with them in another level of communication, maybe as I'm doing now with you. We share so many similarities that you have no ideia, even not being from the same culture, backgrounds we are being human that live in the same world and we should be treated as all equal and connected in a way that I'm learning overtime more and more and I hope that you're going to have the chance to build it as well. 

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