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quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2018

Where do we go now? - #86HT

Where do we go now? As Axl said in Sweat Child O'mine, we were leaving from our cool and short experience in Stolac keeping the plan to reach Montenegro in this evening. Reaching the highway again, after few minutes we've got a ride that dropped us in another small village that we've hitchhiked again and again. In these small trips we crossed cities that I've no clue the names, the only one that I remember was Trebinje.

Last ride that we've got dropped us in a small village close from the border, that even goggling it, I couldn't really find it. In this moment we were tired and it was going to get dark soon. Finally we decided to search for a bus station. It was really weird because this road was the only one around the area that people could go to Montenegro. Theoretically it should be easy, it was the last city before the border. Surprisingly even the drivers in cars with the plate (car license) with Montenegro written weren't even paying attention on us.

I never understood the reason why drivers, that were crossing the countries, didn't want to help us. I felt somehow a kind of fear from them about helping travelers. That's what I learned about hitchhiking over time. How easy or hard your trip can be, depending of the country that you're. It can also be about luck, but the culture from a country to another can make it be easy or really hard.

So far for me that easiest country that I ever tried hitchhiking was in Germany, country that I'm current living in the moment that I'm writing now. It was the country that most of the times I was successful. For about 10 different trips from a city to another in Germany I failed partially twice. I say partially because I started a trip by hitchhiking and it worked until a certain point that I needed to take public transport, like what happened in this trip to Montenegro. Also in Germany I had most of my trips and my record in one day (300km), for a beginner as me doing hitchhiking it was a lot.

France and Belgium were also kind of good to hitchhike, at the same time I had such a hard time in Spain and Italy, in the Balkans it didn't really work at all. Since I arrived in Zagreb and I was by myself again I didn't finish any trip completely by hitchhiking. In fact I never had an entire successful trip in Croatia, Bosnia nor Montenegro.

Maybe I was tired, maybe I was not trying to force myself in the extreme, and maybe I wasn't that patient anymore. At the same time I strongly felt in the Balkans is harder to hitchhike than in Germany, France and Belgium that are in Western of Europe). In fact my personal experience says that Western and Northern of Europe is easier to hitchhike than in Southern and Eastern of Europe. Personal experiences, it depends from person to person. Best ones for me: Germany, Norway, Belgium and France. Hardest ones: Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro

This evening was one of many that I had in the Balkans, dedicate the last part of the trip take public transport. It actually didn't really matter anymore, after that unexpected day that we had. These 130km that we made was already worth it. 

Even sitting in a small van we are really satisfied about this time that we spent in the highway. 

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