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A rich homeless

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quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2018

Calimero - #90HT

Glad that you're still reading me, it means that you`re open enough to interact with me...

This night in Podgorica, we were really tired, not really energetic to party hard and our first mission was finding a place to eat. I seriously needed some food after this long day full of new interactions and actions. That's how my night was remarkable. 

Well, we just crushed in a fast food place and I grabbed a burger. No, It wasn't McDonalds. In fact I can say that it was the best burger that I ever had tried in my life until this moment and it just cost 2 euros. I can say that in Europe it was maybe the cheapest one (I don't count McDonalds).

It was small kiosk next to one of the main street of Podgorica with low lights that even walking close by, maybe you wouldn’t have see it. I didn't remember the name and I though that I couldn't find it anywhere but I went to search in Google maps and I crazily found it and this picture that you can find in the ending of this article wasn't took for me, I just found it in its google page. Calimero Fast food. It actually makes me remember the word Kaliméra that in Greek means good morning.
Anyway, If one day you'll be in Montenegro and you're not vegetarian I strongly recommend you this place that's not tourist at all, it's not even registered in TripAdvisor.

What made everything different that it was a self-made burger. Something like that there are fresh meat and I could choose ingredients to put inside, like cheeses, spices and vegetables that he mixed everything in front of me, putting it in a big barbecue grill, afterwards putting inside this kind of Balkan bread that it was delicious. As I said before the best of that I ever tried until this moment and they didn’t pay to say that ;)

I'm not just talking about burgers, but the street food in the Balkan are delicious with a affordable price for me. As I was really low cost traveler, the few times that I ate outside almost of them were street food. In the Balkans I was eating better, my few euros made me feel less afraid to eat outside.

I hope one day also have the chance to try more Balkan food, not necessarily from a restaurant, but from some Balkan that invited to help him/her to cook :)

After our "meal" we just went to check few bars around, place that there weren't a lot of people in the streets, the bars were a bit crowd. These places kind of hard to find a chair, being hard even to grab a drink and all the smoke inside the bar didn't motive us to stay longer.

Well, I need to resume this first night in Montenegro, our batteries were completely low after this long and it was time to go back this peculiar hostel that we found.

Guess where I stopped again to eat something before going to sleep?

The same fast food to grab another burger.

Give me food and make me happy.

Planning to go to Podgorica: Check it out

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