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A rich homeless

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sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2018

Živjeli! #95HT

Budva was one of the stops that are going to be in my memories for long term. We had the chance to book a room in a guesthouse paying just 10 euros. The room was huge including a terrace with view to the see. I would the say that this was the best place that I stayed in my entire trip, at the same time the one that I spent less money, just 5 euros per each person.

The money that I spent there was nothing comparing in what I was earning when I was living in Luxembourg, 12 euros per hour. This is the privilege that I use to talk about. Someone that lives in a Western European country traveling to poorer neighborhoods.

The most important thing for me, while I was traveling in the Balkans wasn't just the fact that I could have a cheap good standard of living while I was traveling or cool pictures that I took. It was more the fact that I could have my first interaction with the culture and I could know more about the Balkans and understand people that I met around.

My journey was something that I didn't plan, that I didn't know what was coming to me, that I didn't have that much expectations (positive nor negative). This was the experience that made see the world in a different way, as many others that I had. The fact that I was a solo traveler for most of the time, I had the chance to meet so many people, experience things by myself and have my own time to think and reflect. 

I don't really know the exactly moment that my mind started to change, but my interaction with people was how it happened. These interactions that I had in this trip were the ones that made it be that special.

Not just the Balkans that I lived an intense and amazing experience, but since Belgium, crossing the South of Germany, going to Czech Republic and Austria or crossing Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. While I'm writing all of these experiences just revive all of them and I can see this movie that I was living, meeting great people that contributed strongly to me that create this strong affection that I have for them.

Some of them I'm still talking often, other I never talked again. However the most important thing is how intense and rich were these moments. One day I would like to give the entire piece of this project to these that I mentioned before.

It's the best way that I see how to say thanks to them. Thank you, in case that you lived some of these moments it with me. You gave me to chance to learn a lot and express fully myself while I'm writing. You also helped me to find a way to contribute positively to the world. 

Without these experiences I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing now. Without you, maybe I wouldn't probably have enough inspiration to write about some topics and try to chance our world as much as I can. If I'm writing since one year what I lived in 5 weeks, believe me, you're my biggest inspiration.

I don't need to mention names here, you know how special you were and you are for me. A deep thanks.

Thanks for Charleroi, Namur, Tettingen, Karlsruhe, Augsburg, Landshut, Český Krumlov, České Budějovice, Linz, Gras, Maribor, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Podgorica and many other spots that I was shortly.

A special thanks for Königsbrunn, München, Mostar and Budva. Even both us not knowing before, you contributed a lot to make the person that I'm now.

This was just one of the biggest lessons that I had in my life. 

Cheers for you that's participating to my project and contributed with it.

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