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A rich homeless

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quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2018


All our present is influenced from our past and our future is gonna be a result of our current life. Trying to understand our past in the best way how to learn and live with ourselves, afterwards we can build our own future. Don't forget about it.

About the holocaust, there is quote that says: "To forget a Holocaust is to kill twice." It applies strongly for this genocide that is one of the biggest shames that was registered in our history acted by beings called as being humans. This also can be applied in softer levels, like the mistakes that we've made in our life or something that we we suffer. Forgetting about them is making these mistakes again and again, because we won't be able to learn something out of them.

Most of the time we spend our life afraid to fight against our demons and we just fight to try to forget them. Unfortunately we are always gonna live with these demons, at least as long as we have our memory.  

If you are able to forget something from your past, I would say that you're living in your own fantasy world. Maybe you're confusing the difference between the word forgetting and overcoming.

If you're able to live well, despite some moment that impacted you in your past it doesn't mean that this memories don't belong to you anymore, it means that you were able to face it and overcome it.

I strongly believe that we just need to learn how to live with our demons, understanding their existence, but not being afraid of them, but respect them and let them in a place that they won't be part of current our emotions and mindsets (this something really hard, but workable). These demons have to be left in the past, the place that they deserve to be. They are our guide based in our previous experiences that we can always access it and learn more about ourselves and start to fight with the demons that we are living in the present.

That's how we build can future. Not ignoring our demons, but facing them and making them be a piece of our daily study. That's how we can start to work in this infinity labyrinth called as our brain/mind that afterwards can be expand in a society level.

All the changes that we desire for our future, can just be built when we are able to think and analyze our past. Life is a endless lesson that we are every single day living. In this lesson that you wish a prosperous future for you and people that you love, you will just have the chance to how to make a new future, understanding the past.

Sorry dude, It may be to repetitive for you, but that's my intention. As I said before, I just wanna make you having the chance to think more.

If it worked for you as a input, start to fight against your demons, don't forget that they belong to you.   


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