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domingo, 23 de setembro de 2018

Everyday is a birthday!

I feel so thankful for living the 28 years of my life, that in a chronologic way I just completed one week ago. Thankful for all the experiences that I've had, for people that I've met and how my memory is able to remember a lot of these moments really well.

I could divide these years in so many different moments that made the person that I'm now. As I use to say all of us are based in the interactions that we had in our life. Precisely these moments made the person that I'm now and I'm so thankful to be able to remember it.

The birthday date in fact is just the day that I can celebrate the chronologic year of my life that I overcame. One of the many life that I lived in this body that I currently have. I personally don't really mind about birthday parties or gift anymore. These are just traditions from our culture that has a lot of influences from our ancestries to celebrate this rite of passage.

I feel really happy for the honest messages that I received from people that have affection with me and they honestly were sharing good energies with me, because we are connected with each other. Maybe with some help from Facebook they could have a reason to share this affection, but my friend, this is just a day as the many other 364 that we have in one year. You don't really need to know that this person is completing one more year of life to wish him/her the best honest wishes, say that you love this person and show how much you care about him/her. This Facebook notification helped you, but don't feel limited on that.

I honestly stopped to reply my birthday wishes in Facebook this year. Most of my messages in the timeline were saying: Congratulations, Happy birthday. I was trying to understand what this person was trying to say to me? Should I have a good day in this day or the congratulations was from something that I have done? I honestly don't know and I felt like that some of them were sent in the automatic mood. Something like LinkedIn automatic messages that you say congratulations when someone found a new job, but sometimes you don't even read it or know the person that you were sending it.

I hope that I am wrong, but I felt something like that when I saw the messages from my Facebook friends that has more than a thousand people. I don't feel any connection or positive energies been sent by automatic messages that make it seems like a computer/machine writing me. 

I honestly give more value if you contact me sometimes in the year and forget my birthday date than just text me once a year desiring me the best wishes. I so bad with birthday dates and for us it's so hard to remember the date by heart from people that we know. If you forgot my birthday and you know how connected we are, no worries ;) But if you just wrote me a mechanic message once a year for me, rethink in what you're doing. Not just for me, but maybe for the 4 or 5 birthday notifications per day that you see in your Facebook. You don't even talk with this person if you cross in the street, but you still need to wish the best for him/her in a written and public way.

I'm sorry for the hard words, but I don't wanna make you think about who is around you and you have so much affection and care that you are exchanged by energies and you don't to be connected or extra-connected with this person just in this date that your notification showed up.

Every day is a birthday. It's not one year of our life that we are completing, it's a day of life that you are breathing and we are able to feel how amazing is being alive. The day that we faced the victory of overcome the day before. It's when you share your feelings with people that you are connected, the moment that they share it with you and when you are able to feel them. It's when all the souvenirs are exchanged. Not the material gift that involve something that was bought with money. It doesn't matter how much you have to buy a nice gift or not. It's something you can give freely to any person to celebrate this day that you and this person overcame. The most valuable thing is inside yourself, not for something that you can touch.

After 28 years I can understand that every single day of my life was important for me and it's still gonna be. Every single day I born again after a night of sleep. I should be celebrating the many life that I lived divided in each day of my life and celebrate as well for being for me a new birth that I hope to live it again and again in uncountable times my constant birth.

For all of honest birthday greetings, my honest thanks, just don't forget what I said: Every single day you're able to connect with each other, don't way a Facebook notification to do it.   

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