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sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2018


Budva was my last destination, but my life was still running. Also the connection between my mind and my words are gonna still be made. When I started my first project, I didn't know that it would be a project in fact. I was just writing randomly about experiences and making connections with  experiences that I lived and things that I was thinking and this instant act made the unconscious part of my brain works and made me think and learn at the same time.

Starting in this free mind writing, I could finish my first project and now I'm gonna begin my second one, that I have no idea what's about. I truly believe that the live give us the opportunity to experience and learn a lot, but you need to be opened for that. Not excluding any interactions for a misunderstand of values that we currently have in our society.

I use to say that I'm changing for each interaction that I have, this can happen in fraction of second. I'm really hunting for experiences, knowledge, human interactions and trips. I'm so thirst for them. As much I'm learning I realize that I know less. Less in the sense that there are so many things that I don't know and I don't understand and I just realize about it when I start to argue with myself.

This philosophic way of thinking maybe can sound crazy for you, but since you start to read me, try to think about things that touched you and make you think different about something, maybe as I can be happening now. These moments can make you start to think and maybe argue about things that you normally don't think about.

There is something in the philosophy called as Freethought. It says that the truth should be based in logic, reason and empiricism than authority, tradition, revelation or dogma. It's also against to social and religious belief systems. Who believe on it are considered as freethinkers.

I can't say that I'm a full freethinker today, but I'm working on it to check how true it can be. My life just started to change when I started to ask questions, when I started to argue about things that I learned in my religion.

I'm building up myself intensively and the act of thinking is so powerful that overtime can make you understand so many things and start to learn how to deal with it.

The unknown is a space where we feed our unsecurity, our fears and doubts. For any kind of field, feeding our knowledge by experiencing and learning process we can have the chance to change fear, unsecurity and doubts for comprehension, respect, empahty and sensibility.

Now I'm talking about anything that you're against for or the fact the you don't know a lot about, you just create a steoriotype view about it. Try to think about any topic that people have different point of view of yours. Have you ever try to understand why your we think different than each other? Have you ever think that we are essencially based in the interactions that we had in our life? Each individuo had different interactions and each of them contributed for the person that he/she is currently. This person that share different opinions than yours, after this interaction is gonna contribute with you in a way that maybe you'll not notice it instantanely, trust me it's gonna be the same from you to this person. You don't need to believe in what this person believe, you have just the goal to understand why they think different than you.

We don't need to feed the difference with anger, we don't need to ignore them, we just need to interact and understand. Then welcome to the brain building up process. Your brain has so much capacity, just try to use it, thinking more and giving to yourself the chance to make your existence has more sense.

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