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segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2018


Maria Robinson said: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

In fact so many things that happened in my past I'm not able to change and remake it. Time is something magic that run just in one direction, to the future. Scientifically we can't go back in time. Everything that happened in our life is impossible to chance, at least in nowadays.  An experience that we had, it's never gonna be the same in the future, even if you'll be in the same place with the same people. That's why I try to appreciate any that I experienced, feeling the pleasure with souvenirs that I had in the past and I learning with the hard moments and mistakes.

I've done many things in the past that I wouldn't do now. I've lived hard times that made me learn things that I carry it with me nowadays. I'm so happy that I can see it clearly now. My mistakes are not a shame for me. They were experiences that I had and gladly I could understand what I've experienced and I could treat the reasons that motivated my mistakes, remaining some of them that I'm still treating them currently.

Everyone makes mistakes, every single person even you and me. Nobody skipped this step, the trick that we need to have the moment to think about our experiences and try to learn something out it. The reason of a problem that exist on us has answer inside our mind. Everything that you live and experience is strongly based in a mirror of yourself.

It's like in the cinema. The movie that you're watching in the big screen is actually just a projection of lights from a equipment behind you. In your brain it works in the same way. Everything that you see in the way that you see is based in what's behind your eyes: your brain.

If you go to a place, if you meet a person, you can have good and bad experiences, that's the way that you see them and it's gonna make all the difference.

It's all a projection of yourself, simply. If you think that it's kind of too much for you, just stop sometimes while you're living an experience or just think about a experience that you lived and try to understand how these experiences were for you and why this was a good a bad experience.

This is a simple exercise, you just need to think a little bit, you won't lose anything. As I said before, my main goal is trying to make you think a little bit more, as I'm thinking at the same time while I'm writing.

I promise you, the process of thinking is gonna change your life, like it's changing mine. 

Everything that you lived in the past can't be changed, but we can always start in the present and make new future, a new ending.

Again, just think how you can do it, it just depends of you.

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