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quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2018

Mind, Body, Spirit.

I look at all the lonely people. As it's written in Eleanor Rigby's song from The Beatles, I'm starting to be able to see how lonely we all are. The most interesting fact about it is that I could be even able to realize that I'm part of this group, as them I'm also lonely one.

I'm really trying to learn hard in interacting with people, learning with them, understanding them, but also analyzing them. Honestly I don't analyze myself as much as I could, I'm in this intense hurry of getting knowledge, learning more about the world and in the ending I don't give time to myself.

When I'm trying to understand why we are that lonely, not connected with our world, not really mattering the nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender or different backgrounds. I try to learn observing, but for me it's also really important to observe myself and learn not just what's around me, but also what's inside me. 

When I'm check a world, I'm seeing billions of people that had a completely different life, that their interactions made they be unique. Even if some of them share similar ideas, they are all different.

By psychology, based in all experiences that you ever had, they are gonna be fed by your brain, that while it's working well, all of these experiences are gonna be saved in your brain and it's gonna make the person that you currently are. Think about the society that you're living now, think about that family that you were born, how were your interactions with them. Think about your workplace, university, religion temple, social communities that you were part before or the ones that you're s still attending, from them all of your social contact were made. All of these small interaction, psychologically made the person that you're. I've never study psychology as degree, it's my analyze that I built overtime based in personal experiences and short studies. Psychologically we are completely different from each other.

By Genetic. I'm not really good at all in Biology, it used to be my horror movie in the school time, but what I know that it's statistically impossible that two individual (who are not identical twins) have the same set of mutations. Our DNA is something unique that every human's genome is about 0.1% different from every other human's genome. It's maybe small for you, but look to a person how different they are from you, your color skin, the details of your face, the curls of your hair, the shape of your muscles. This is just appearance, think how complex is your body and how different they are interiorly as well, also our neurons, the primary components of the central nervous system. Our psychology is completely dependent from our genetic, this would be the second way how we are different.

The last one, is one that I'm trying to build some idea about. The spiritual one. I would say that I lived two moments of my life, the one that I was involved with religion that sometimes I was having a spiritual experiences, but no understanding about world. The second one I needed to review my conceptions about spirituality and for me it required a lot understand more about the world.  I'm currently living this moment. When you were leaving from a religion traditions and start to see the world and developing your sense of thinking, you just realize that these traditions are not actually a spiritual connection. The trick is that overtime I lost all my feeling of religion traditions. I respect them, because I understand that it's a mix between the psychological and the spiritual. I hope that more spiritual than psychologic, because often the goal of the religions are making people learn their beliefs and their traditions and reproduce it to more people with the idea that following their words, they would be more connected with god. Clifford Geertz defines religion as:

[…] system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations in men by formulating conceptions of a general order of existence and clothing these conceptions with such an aura of factuality that the moods and motivations seem uniquely realistic."

Even existing around 4200 different religions in the world that, around 70% of people that have a religion are Cristian, Islan or Hindu. The fact about the Christians is that 77% of the Americans and 76% of the Europeans declare theirselves as Christians, even if most of them don't really understand the traditions and ideology of their own religions. Christians believe that the only way how to connect people with good, is by Jesus. It means that all of 1399 religions that are in the world are praying for a god doesn't exist, they are evil everyone is gonna burn in the fire of the hell. Being the majority, there is imposition what's the right religion to follow and Europe and US being a model of influence by power handling the strong global medias, they sell to the world the perfect model of living, consumption, religion, beauty and traditions that should be copied by other societies. A lot of these countries have religions so much older than the Christians.

This 3rd item: spirituality is something that I don't know that much, once I spent most of my life influenced by Christians in Brazil. But I'm trying to work on that more and more. Looking for one day have the chance to experience this experiences strongly, maybe one day I'll have a better explanation.
If you don't believe in the 3 of these items, at least one of them is gonna be enough to show you how unique we are. Living in this community world that we are learning more and more by feeling, seeing, tasting, smelling, listening and talking, you also need the time for ourselves, as a complexly different being human than any other, we have unique things in ourselves that we can't learn from others. 

If you could reach the point to see how lonely people are, you should see how lonely you are and connect yourself with other billion people that are psychologically, biologically and spiritually different than you.




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