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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 13 de novembro de 2018


Let me be a bit Communist, ok?

As you guys know, we live in a Capitalist society.


Capitalism is based in the freedom of the private ownership of the means of production. Communism is the opposite. The communism would have a common ownership from everything that's produced.

About these economic systems, you can find a lot of informations about in the internet, books, movies, I don't know, these topics are really easy to be accessed and they aren't hard to understand the basic knowledge of this subject, as I have and I'm trying to get more and more, to answer for myself some questions about how to see different and better society, where we could be utopically equal.

The world communism is such a heavy word associated with governments that were inspired by the marxist ideas, but in fact this is a idea that was never applied fully and nowadays most of the people associate communism with authoritarian left wing governments, most of them related with dictatorships systems.    

I have a personal option about communism that it's a fascinating model that applied we could live in a equal society. Everyone would have the same ownership of everything that's produced in a country, it doesn't matter if you're the president of the company or the bricklayer.

In my utopia it would be the perfect society to live, where we would share everything that we have without the competition to have more than others.

The biggest problem of the capitalism in my option is this lacking of sharing. I'm talking about profit from the owners of the companies with the goal want spend as less money as possible, that who suffer it is the biggest part of the population and the environment. The goal is accumulating more money for themselves, not carrying about others or the planet that they live.

Just to make you understand 1% of the world's population have 50% of the entire money that we have in the planet.

All right, the communism is a Utopia idea, in fact it never worked when some governments tried to apply in the past. All of popular governments called as Communist weren't communist at all. You can include China, Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela or any government that in your point of view was communist, if you searching a little bit about their economic system, in none of them there were a common ownership of the means of production. In fact they had or have socialist systems that partially cover or covered economic and social policies. However it was always deviated from the main proposes of the moments and once in the power, they lost their ideals and realized that the power can give a lot of privileges and the spirit of sharing was damaged in a point that they could think about social policies, but they were a group apart of the society that was eating more than half of the cake and sharing the another part with the rest of the population.

That's exactly how the capitalist society is organized, like the 1% of the world's population having 50% of the entire global money.

Am I communist? No
Am I trying to convince you to be Communist? No

I just wanna try to help you to be aware how our currently unbridled capitalism is searching for more and more profit for increasing the savings of a small part of the population, where this abysm between rich and poor is getting bigger ad bigger that's also ignoring human rights or how they are impacting the environment that we live, where we are completely dependent for our existence.

The fat one is getting fatter and the skinny one is getting thinner. The fat systems is accumulating resources that they don't really need, when a large part of the population have lack of resources.

We are just like that, because we are part of this system, we also accumulate resources that we don't need, while other have this lack. Maybe the food that you buy and don't eat, while some people don't have access to daily meals. Maybe the tap water that you leave running for few minutes, while some people don't have access to drinkable water. Ah dude, just think about everything that you buy, that you don't really need it and other people have the lack of this basic needs that you use to have.   

It's a bit hard to be chocked in the society that we live. Everything seems to be really normal and we get use to see so many problems since ever, that they are something that exist since ever and we aren't able to change anything, just live with.

My dear, utopically talking, I strongly believe in this change, otherwise I would be here writing to you. The world can be changed by us and it starts in ourselves. My world is changing, my perspective of human life. My world isn't the same as one nor two years ago. My world isn't the same as last week nor yesterday. My world isn't the same before and after writing this article.

Our world is constantly changing and you and me are part of this changing. But first you need to try to understand the world, then understanding yourself, you're gonna have the pleasure to see this change in yourself and the change in the world around you.

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