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quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2018



Have you realize the tendency that you have in being individualist? I had never met a person that's not individualist. Personally talking, even starting to open my mind in a way that I have more comprehension and I'm starting to understand how unequal our world is and trying to make it more equal (better). However when some topic have a conflict with my needs, I completely ignore the needs of others. Like a guy asking me some money in the street and I seeing that in any way that he's going to spend it, it's gonna be really more pleasant to him than me, filling simply his needs.

I have some savings and 50 cents, 1 euro or 5 euros wouldn't affect my life, I could easily had spent this money in something that I don't really need. But my feeling that the money that I earned was from my physical and mental activities. If I earned it, I deserve to keep it for me to provide me a comfortable future with probably many things that's not really part of my basic needs.

This is a rational thinking that's part of me and for every person that I ever met. Some of us are able to share what we have more than others. However I strongly believe that always there is gonna have a need that if we wouldn't give to a person knowing that we couldn't have it afterwards. For some situations we could do it, maybe being hungry and give your food to someone in the street or having just one ticket to go back home and then see that someone else need this ticket to go to a job interview.

This is already something good, that a big amount of people in our society wouldn't share.

Sharing is carrying.

I really wanna feed this "need" that I also have, giving to people that had less privileges than me, to have access of their needs, that sometimes can be feed by food, water, money or even a cigaret.

This world is so cruel and unequal that we should really share more, with people that are in our life routine or even a homeless that everyone ignore him, treating as a street animal, the junky the trash of the society, but them we just forget that they are being human and the life for them was completely different than ours and the fact that someone is sleeping in the street, begging for money is result of a story of his/her entire life.

They are exactly like us, just with less privileges. We have our comfortable bed, we have our warm food 3 times per day, we have our hot shower in the winter to relax our body, but they don't have it.

For now I'm individualist, but understand that I am, I can work on that and learn how I can share with other our common needs. You also can do it. Just think that you're a eternal individualist person, but you can always be less. You just need to understand that you have privileges and how more fair the world would be if people that have less privileges than you, could have access for their needs.

Today I'm not able to sleep in the street and pay hotel room for a homeless, but maybe overtime I can understand how I could share my place and provide them these moments of privileges for them, maybe I can talk with them and understand them better, maybe in the ending I will be able to help them to search for opportunities and find themselves and they will help me to figure out how I can "change the world" and see that "we're all equal".

This is the highest point, but the first one is that when you see someone in the street, even if you can't help with money, don't treat them like a trash, they are still being humans like us.


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