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sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2018

Art is Life

For everything that exist there is always gonna have a different way to analyze it.  Depending how we, as individual, are gonna observe it. It’s like an abstract art that can be made randomly, but from this single painting, each person can see it in different ways.

I artistically transfer my unconscious to a piece of paper and after doing it I personally have the chance to observe the final result and consciously have my own understanding even if I didn’t plan to make it before having a previous picture in my mind. For each person that I show my art they will interpret it differently. Some of the interpretations are gonna match with my previous one, but some other can be a complete revelation for me, make me see the production of my own brain in different perspectives.

That's how it also works when we interact with people that think different than us, we have the chance to understand different perspectives, giving then us the opportunity to change our ways of thinking or reaffirm thoughts that we previously had.

If you considering that life is art, it can be applied in the same way. All of us has a different way to see things and we create different opinions about the same topic at the same time we can share similar ideas with other that it makes us part of a group or society.

From the way that we experienced our life, we will have a different way how to observe it as well.

In fact this is just a theoretical. We are still individual beings, but depending of the group or society that we belong and experience our life we will follow some patterns that already exist there. This influence you can get from any country that were born, but some cultures this repetition of patterns is so strong that most of the individual expressions are exterminated. 

From religion to totalitarian governments, there are many reasons that each society create
common ideas  between groups of people. The problem is that this common belief destroys 
most of the potential genuine thinking that each person could have, not allowing this person see 
with his/her own the meaning of a abstract art to the meaning of life.

This time we aren't just talk about the others, we are talking about ourselves, you and me, 
the way that we our personal beliefs and opinions are so limited. Fighting against the system,
but living inside it, participating, contributing and feeding, but being outside of it, even being an
easy option, for me it's not the best one, I'm here for sharing my personal ideas and beliefs, 
believing that you can have your own option about what I'm writing and give your positive 
contribution to make a "better world".

What do you see in this abstract painting? How do you see your own life?

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