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quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2018

Let's talk about religion

By definition the word change means "to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone."

I kind of like this formal definition that means for me as the real conception of changing. Making something different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.

Every small change that happened in my life it was just myself becoming different. All of these changes had a kind of similar frequency, but once my "world" got bigger I started to become different faster and faster, changing myself.

I'm always saying this blablablar of changing that seems like a act of self-promotion, but these changes also scary me. It's kind of weird to watch myself in the past month or 6 months, maybe a year or maybe 2 years ago. I can't understand it directly, but people around me that notice it or my old writings or when I forcing myself to see my life in the past, I can really understand it better.

For me this changing process extremely positive, the way that I can see the humanity now it's priceless, how I'm starting to understand the right value of things and understand how I can improve myself more and more to utopically talking: Make a better world.

Yes, this is cool and I appreciate to have this opportunity to live and think at the same time, but well, it's not just that. After understanding the right values of things, how to improve myself and make a better world, I still see me sabotaging myself based in my selfishness.

In fact we all are selfish in certain points. I don't believe that there is a scape for that, but there are always gonna have ways to remove layers and layers.

Even changing for a "better" way I still can see me sabotaging myself, but honestly talking this change also helped me to see what I'm doing with myself and the others. Simple things about sharing and learning how to treat each other are easy for me to watch myself and do the right thing. 

The problem is that in this changing process there are so many other things that I'm still sabotaging myself even knowing that in some ways I'm not doing it right.

I'm not here trying to justify my mistakes, I'm trying to build something that can make me understand the root of these problems and realizing how I could do the right thing! 

If you're using different eyes to understand me, focus your attention to understand yourself. I'm like you, we're like everyone, complex being humans. Most of us satisfied with limited knowledge, without arguing things, believing that the human interpretation of religions books can answer all of our answers or just following what's the system is telling us to do. However like you and me, even being strongly violated by the society, we can still criticize what's going on around us with our own brain.

My first break of changing was when I started to lose religion affection. I was person really participative in the catholic and protestant church since I was kid, having yes spiritual experiences, but following the mindset from what the doctrine's beliefs. 

This mindset is based in a way how a group of people interpreted a book that maybe was written by God. When I say maybe, it means that nobody can prove if it was written or not. It's the same thing about the existence of God, nobody can prove if He exist or not. We can create theories to prove the beginning of the life, that are really consistent, but are still theories. At the same time even if you're sure that God exist, you can't prove to anybody, that's just your faith, it doesn't matter how strong it is.

The christianity is just one more of the many religions that are around the world and all of them use visual ways, mostly written, to try to explain things that we can't find answers easily. It's easy answer for complex questions, I'm sorry, but that's how I see most of the religions today. Even with some people can have real spiritual experiences. What I see are leaders using religions for obtain more and more power that involves for they having more comfort and luxury to make people believe in their belief, for any cost, not respecting other religions, cultures or human rights.

For me who is believing in a religion, following rules and ideas without questioning, based in what God said, is not really connected with God and this person is just someone else feeding the luxuries and abuses that the religion do. The problem is not in what's writing in the spiritual book, the problem is that we concentrate our belief in the interpretation of a group of people.

A good example for me is the Bible. It's a book that the christians believe that it was written by prophets, people inspired by God to write what He wants to tell to us. In fact the Judaism, Islan shares a lot similarities in the Old testaments, these stories were interpreted in completely different ways. Like if you should eat pork meat or not, in the christianity they ignored what the old testament says that Pork meat shouldn't be eaten, but the Muslins still have this tradition for not eating it.

The bible divide different beliefs, just the christianity are divided in 3 big groups:




Eastern Orthodox
Oriental Orthodox


Jehovah's Witness
Latter Day Saint
Oneness Pentecostal

Look, these are just the ones that are christians, there are many other that use the bible to base their beliefs. Try to imagine how different groups from each religion, depending of the country, city or neighborhood or social level that you live, you can have a different interpretation of this holy book.

That's how group of people decide if their members could work on Saturdays or not, if they could have a tattoo and piercings or not, the way that they should dress, if they can use make up or not, if the women should be separated of the men or not, if the women should cover her face or not, if the women are inferior of men in the society or not. 

This rules based in the name of God can reach really high levels, giving values for a society what's right or wrong to do, ignoring how unique each of us are. This rules make we belief in what's right or wrong without critics, like how the kinds used to do in the Monarchy regimes, using the name of God to impose their beliefs. It's like the Catholic church, even having millions followers, just a small group of people defines what are the rules.

If you know someone that is against the legalization of abort, homosexual relationships, equality between genders, respect of other religions and beliefs, this person has a root of their belief principles based in what's a group of people decided as values. Their perception of values is just how this small group put the rules and how they taught them, having always the idea about that they are there to learn, not exchange. Maybe this person can even be you or me, in some of our point of views. Some questions are still untouchables between us.   

I don't have religion anymore, but I still believe in spiritual experiences that we can have with each other and in a existence a strong energy that we can't compare with anything else, the God.

I still believe that being part of a religion can make you have this spiritual connection and feel yourself magically touched, but this is a particular experience. It doesn't matter which religion or belief you have, this connection need to be first between you and your God.

I also believe that we can learn a lot about these books that were written for probably from wise writers in the case that it wasn't written by God.

I had spiritual experiences when I was part of these groups already, but my limitation of thinking was so limited that makes me feel stupid. When I broke up from this circle, my life started to change faster, I didn't have easy answer for complex questions and even becoming different day by day, many of these questions that could be easily explained in a temple based in faith, for me it is a complex mystery that the answer seems to be really far way to reach, but it's getting slowly closer and closer.



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