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terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2018

Live and Think

I'm just back to Bremen, Germany, city that I've been living since last May. I'm here now for the same amount of time that I was living in Granada, in Spain.

Granada was a relaxed place for me staying quiet after my first year in Europe traveling crazily. Now I feel like my first year in Luxembourg, needing to travel a lot and explore more places and culture that I could.

Granada was completely opposite, I didn't feel to travel that often, I really enjoyed the environment and everything that the city could offer. All this environment made reflect a lot and write about my thoughts intensively. It was my moment to stop, relax and think more analytic. 

Now in Germany I feel a similar living a similar loop that I've lived in Luxembourg, but in a another vibe, being a completely different person that I was 2 years ago.

Bremen in such a great city in North of Germany, here there is strong left wing scene and good influences around me to make me learn and share my thoughts with people that I've been met. At the same thing I have this feeling of needing more and more, like traveling for instance.

I wish that I could write more often, as I used to do few months ago, but to start to write something based in the experiences that I lived in the past and that I'm living now, I need an click called as "inspiration".

At the same time, even writing less, I'm really satisfied in what I'm doing when I'm doing it. I'm happy with the final result and how the amount of people that access it, just increased considerable.

In every artistic process that I have, like writing, painting or making music I need to feel inspired to start it and even If love to do it and I wishing that I could write more often, I just can start when I have this click. The same one that I'm having now.

I love to write and it's the most effect artistic way that I can share my ideas for a big public, like you, my reader.

I just need to find the trick of the inspiration process that allow me to make it in a more effective way. It can be in Bremen or any other place, my mission is just live, stop to think what I lived and keep living again, making this loop that make me learn a lot and share what I learned with others, the same as I'm doing now.

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