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A rich homeless

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segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2019

Cagliari Connections

Hello dear reader, I would like to share with you guys the short text that I've wrote to an organization that provide me and other 5 youths to chance to do a exchange project during one week in Cagliari, Italy. My goal was sharing this to other people, using this media, a rich homeless, maybe is the most appropriate media that I could use. Actually after I wrote it, I could have the feeling that it could probably be one of my short articles. 


We are one
The feeling of humanity is a feeling that since long time in our history we are missing it. That feeling of treating another being human in the same way, not mattering which background this person has, religion, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation or social economic levels. There are a lot of labels created in our society to divide people, based in interests of a system that is pro segregation. One way how to face this cycle is the interculturalization. These workshops organized by non-profit organization and financed by European Union, has a important rule in process of interculturalization. The fact that there are groups from different countries working together in a relevant topic for our society is a strong process of exchanging. Most of us didn’t know each other before the beginning of the activities and suddenly we are out of our comfortable zone and living intense moments that instantly we lose the sense of time and space, living a parallel experience from our real life. Considering that the European continent has a high number of foreigners, in these groups normally we will find really more than 6 nationalities. Our German team for instance had backgrounds from Brazil, Germany, Peru, Russia and Syria and Turkey. This opportunity of exchanging would be already interesting in an exchange of cultures between hosting and guesting countries, but the diversity is so much bigger.
As it happened in Cagliari, even having just 6 countries, the background of the participants were really diverse, having plus 20 different nationalities. This process of empowerment of youth in a interculturalization would already happen naturally, just seeing a group of curious youth with thirst of knowledge and hunting to get know as much as it was possible in this week each other and possible understanding more about ourselves as well. We all had different levels of interaction and assimilation. In fact being part of this project naturally force you to be integrated, to listen, talk, understand, think and unconscious change your perspective of seeing things, even if we aren’t able to notice it. Cagliari was for us a special and unique experience, as different individuals, we had our different process of interaction, listening, talking, understanding, thinking and in the ending our result process of changing. Our project specifically had the focus in promote the social inclusion of refugees, migrants and every single person that could have a different background than ours. In that case it was including most of ourselves. This was a personal lesson that each of us carried in the last day that we’ve got our airplane back and some of these lesson are going to be part our conscious or unconscious process of thinking.

Thanks for everyone involved in this process, for great connections that I've made and for all of connections that you guys made with each other.


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