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domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2019


Bunch of things are constantly going on in my brain. Bunch of things that confuse my mind, but at the same time help me to find solutions for issues that I have and make feel now simply shinning. The feeling that people call as happiness.

I've though a lot about the meaning of happiness, what it represent for me, how to get there, at least try to get there. I though a lot about a simple expression: Ignorance is bliss.

This expression is been touching me since long time. In the point of the childhood is associated with happiness, for a kid that see the world in a simple way and not complex and sometimes miserable like we adult do. In fact a child doesn't have the same burdens that we have that then give us responsibilities and the conscious of the complexity of our life.

In fact children have a lot of emotions and feelings in a intensive way. With that parents have the tendency to protect them from the "world", from what could hurt their kids, because they know what hurt them as well, this protection in my view don't really prepare them to face the "world" by themselves afterwards.

I'm thinking about how much my parents love me and how much they wanted protect me from what give them fear. This is a honest and pure love that they are spreading with me. Perfectly understandable, at the same our society teach us that we should do it.

Something like, having a kid starting to discover love and friendship and not being able to talk with about that them. The moment that we start to get curious about sex and drugs, but these were topics that I never had at home, just basic things with straight answer without explanations, like don't take drugs or use condom. That's something logical to say for a kid, I'm not say that's this is something wrong to say, but kids and teenagers are really curious, they hunting to discover the life and these simple answers are not gonna simply satisfy them. They and we need more.

In this curious hunting, they, like us, will face good and bad experiences like having pleasant memories for good ones and maybe traumas from the bad ones.

That's how I started to understand the world, by living experiences, that some of them I could avoid if would have talked about it at home.

This barrier between parents and children, make they learn by experiences about many topics that you can learn from all of different kind of people.

I started to understand more about drugs and sex when I was adult already. The real meaning of a sexual relationship, that's not just a simple penetration and a orgasm in the ending and the real meaning of drugs, what exactly is drug in fact and they possible effects.

I can easily share my view about these topics in other articles, but these ideas that I have I'm still building it every single day, like many other things that come to my mind, at the same time make me answer questions that before I didn't even know that they existed.

This strong process of thinking, make me understand that even not being ignorant I can still find this happiness like a child. I child that still see things with good eyes, but this time not lined by ignorance.

The tricky for me isn't knowing that a problem exist, it's about to fight against them, understanding them and then finding solutions.

That's how after while thinking that as much as I understand things and get know them I feel more down. Exactly the opposite that my parents were doing, protecting me. Even having great connections of people around me, I still a single person, with such a complex mind, like everyone. It's more about how conscious I am about what's around me. I've been complaining a lot of problems in my life and people life, but now I'm starting to see how good the life is and how many pleasant moments it can offer me and making seeing problems, like challenges, issues potentially possible to be faced.

I'll finish this article with a bible sentence from Matthew 18:2-4:

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" 

I don't believe in the Christians, even respecting. It doesn't matter which belief you have, this kingdom of heaven that I interpreted is our freedom of thinking, understanding and connection with the world and the heaven. I don't know what's your mean of heaven, but my heaven is just inside myself and other around me, my heaven is here and now, place that being a child I can really feel this strong presence of me, you and god, that can come from a mysterious power and energy, at the same time can come from ourselves.

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