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A rich homeless

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domingo, 17 de março de 2019


I would presume that you're like me.

A individual human being different than any other that exist, but at the same time from the same specie.

We are just a single body, mind and spirit around billions that we can see and other numerous mysterious ones that may exist.

This big blue ball that we're currently living, that our experiences and interactions made us being completely different than each other. Our nationality, gender, sexual orientation and ethnic totally define our opportunities, expectations, fear and exclusion in our current society.

It's a really simple text, for you understanding that we're the same. Many religions around the world have this beautiful view that we are the same by the eyes of God. I truly believe on that. I believe that they don't even understand what's written in the sacred book.

For me we are all connected with each other and the environment around us. What define ourselves is how much we are open to connect with each other.

Just removing these layers of walls that our society teaches us. It's not my nationality, my gender, my sexual orientation or my ethnic that should build these layers of walls between us.

The fact that you're more privileged than someone else is just a matter of luck. Someone that suffer by the society just because he/she was born in another country with less opportunity than yours, be a woman or homosexual or don't have the same white color skin that you have, this person could be just you. 

Lucky dude!

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