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terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2019



Here I am with my bar philosophy again, nothing scientific proved, without any academic background in anthropology or psychology or human behavior. That's just my brainstorming been shared by written words.

Me, you, your grandma, your son, your friend, the pope or any person that you admire and inspire you make mistakes. None of them can scape for that.

Mistake by definition means:

1-  to blunder in the choice of
2 -    a : to misunderstand the meaning or intention of : MISINTERPRET
        b : to make a wrong judgment of the character or ability of
3 : to identify wrongly : confuse with another

I'll focus in the 2a, but you can work by yourself in which the definitions and create your own brainstorming.

to misunderstand the meaning or intention of : MISINTERPRET

My idea isn't justify mistakes, is about building a idea about this topic. Today personally talking, it is the fact that I misinterpreted moments of my life. In the simple fact of doing something that I believed to be the right thing to do, even sometimes knowing that this thing isn't accepted in the society or even accepted by myself.

Ok, read this target sentence again, process this information for every single mistake that you made. The way that I interpret my mistakes is in this way, maybe it can be yours, maybe not or maybe you're just not able to see it yet.

Few things that I've done in the past that I realized that were mistakes, nowadays I don't consider them as a mistake anymore. At the same time my reflexions made me realize mistakes that I've made in the past and make me see how I can understand them and avoid a similar mistake or even the same one.

The problem is that some mistakes are relative, not proved in my mind there they are really mistakes. It's the moment that I feel misinterpreted by the others, by the society.

Sometimes I'm making mistakes, sometimes others are making with me and sometimes is just the society dictating what's the right thing to do and what's the wrong one.

In this fight against the society, sometimes I accede myself in a point that I lose my reason why to do it.

We all need borders, because we were born inside boxes given by the society, that along the life we'll open it more and more, like a baby discovering the life or a teenager discovering what's to be alive or an adult understanding the meaning of life until his/her death.

Opening these boxes, always gonna have border after borders that if we are opening the boxes overtime we'll realize how can we skip this border and go to the next and see the next boxes. That our process of learning, this infinity process of learning and this process is dedicated, it's about feelings, emotions, thoughts, love, hate and connections. It's all about live this intense moment of pleasure, but know the borders where you can go through it. 

For me the real mistake is when there is a MISINTERPRET. Lose of sense of the reality, by exceeding in a strong and intense feeling and connection that for yourself was so pleasant that you completely forgot about how sensitive you should be with the connections around you.

As my grandma used to say, the best way how not making a mistake is learning with them and not do them again.

Me, you, your grandma, your son, your friend, the pope or any person that you admire and inspire you make mistakes. 

None of can scape for that.

The best way that I see how to face a real mistake now is not the one that the society point you as mistake, but the one that I mentioned above, is recovering this sensitive way how to feel the connection. This mistake, that I would call as a fall in the selfishness is a late lesson for what happened before, unfortunately late, but mistake can't be changed, there is no butterfly effect, even if I use the word "if" to create many small moments that if I would had done a small change in the fact, the entire fact would be completely different.

This is important for us, analyzing it, you can understand better this specific situation and understanding how prevent to go to similar experiences or just do the same thing again.

Think about any single act that today you consider as mistake, but any dude. Just put in your mind one that make you feel uncomfortable, that make you feel sorry and give turns and turns in your brain in this butterfly effect that how could be the entire fact if you would have been able to choose a single moment, like just deciding to stay in bed, or not going to a specific place or not meeting specific person, or just decided to leave earlier. It can go to infinity directions, by someone looking a phone for 3s before having a car accident, or been a the middle of a shooting in the specific 30s. It can be so realistic as well, like if you wouldn't have went to meet this person or went to this specific place.

It was couple small choices that we do every second that could put us to a different direction of the one that we end up.

I believe that I still make many mistakes, but I'm happy to be able to see most of them to relief that load that I have in my back from this burden. Because once I'm conscious of it, it make me feel this pain, I can't go to that direction not been emphatic, but I also need to understand the pain and sometimes it's hard, because the pain create a natural break of connection, maybe the connection can be built again even taking an accountable time that maybe the death is gonna be the final material moment that this connection could exist. While there is still a material body that produces emotions, feelings, thoughts love, hate and connections, I'll be connected with my former good memories and the pain of this moment.

This pain is gonna be my lesson for MISINTERPRET less and make less mistakes. The connection? I have 0 knowledge in esotericism.



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