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segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2019

Promoting myself

Searching for jobs or possible partnerships 

I’m Alexandre Nascimento, artist, writer, philosopher and media influencer.

Today, I would like to ask you just few minutes of your attention reading this letter.

None of the professions described above I obtained academic degree, I would call it as passions that the life gave me as gifts in my trajectory, that make me identify myself with these tittles.

As a writer my goal today is convince you to hire me. Expecting that a personal view of someone that would be able to contribute in business positively, it can make you feel interested to work with me.

My academic studies are in Civil Engineering, profession that I’d worked in the Brazilian government for almost 8 years. Field that I was passionate and  that gave me the chance to contribute positively to the society using the tool of public administration to provide uninterrupted water distribution for low income communities and reduce the water losses in my country that has a rate of about 50%.

During my professional experience I had a break of 1 year and half to study part of course in the USA, as scholarship student. Living my first time abroad, learning my first foreign language, meeting people from completely different background than mine, made me see plenty of directions that the life could show me and some of the decisions that I would take.

After I was back to Brazil, I kept working in the government for almost 2 years, having a position of coordinator from a sector that I already had some expertise and being able to work, discuss, learn and give suggestions to one of the superintendents.

I definitely had a job that I could keep for my “entire life”, but this time that I spent abroad and 3 weeks that I spent in Europe traveling, arouse me this curiosity to learn more and more.

That’s how I get back to the beginning of the story, at least the new start of my life. After a bunch of experiences, traveling, meeting people, exchanging experiences and learning languages, it changed completely the of way of seeing myself and see others as well. This intense exchanging of culture that I faced in almost 3 years, living in Spain, Luxembourg and now in Germany, it extended a lot the way that I see and understand the world and myself. My perception of life is well described in here, in my website that I use to write articles periodically.

The big purpose of my life currently is giving as much contribution that I can give to the world. The way that I currently do it is interacting with as much people as I can. This intense exchanging allow me understand more about the existence of the being human and how we all are equal and how I can make myself think more and express my ideas to other for they having the same opportunity. I’m a writer and a media influencer, not because I want to convince to believe in my ideas, I just wish that they can developer their own critical thinking, giving them the chance to have their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions then allow to find their way how to understand the life and finding their own way how to contribute to make an utopic better world.

I have several personal projects in my mind that I would like to make it become real one day, mostly involved with arts, philosophy, environment and the most important human equality. I could personally discuss it with you, but now I’ll try not losing too much the main focus of this letter: Convince you to hire me.

As a foreign it’s harder to find a job in any country than the locals and in some situations it can get even harder. I had been granted 3 times with student visa, since I arrived studying master degrees in which country that I lived, as the only current possible way to live legally in the EU as a Brazilian. 

While I was finding my passions and having this intense learning process, I also started to face financial problems.

When I left from Brazil I left everything behind me to start a new life in Europe and I needed find ways of overcome these problems and survive. Since it was hard to find jobs in my field or something that I had previous knowledge, I opened my mind to work in any kind of job that would be available just to be able to pay my rent and buy some food. Leaving from my comfort zone of working in an office delegating activities I experience to work as:

Online English professor – Since January of 2018;
Barkeeper in a club in Luxembourg for 6 months;
Barkeeper in a café in Bremen for 5 months;
Dishwasher in a Bakery in Luxembourg for 3 months; 
Waiter in a restaurant in Luxembourg for 2 months;
Box packer in an industry in Bremen for 3 months;
Flier distributer in Bremen for one month;
DJ, several times for free and one paid;
Painter seller, my own art, I’ve sold 5 pieces from the hundreds that I’ve produced;

Other several freelance jobs that I’ve had from agencies and privately.

About jobs in Europe, I use to face two main problems.

The first one was the fact that being a student, I normally have limited hours to work that the government allows, considering that Spain for example doesn’t allow a non-EU student to work there.    

The second one is the language, once I could speak just Portuguese and an intermediate English, It was hard to find jobs in Luxembourg, Spain and Germany. This was something more like a challenge that I faced and even having communication problems, it allowed after while to be able to speak Spanish well, having a conversational level in French and be able to understand a basic German. German is actually what holds me to find a stable job currently in Bremen.

I’ve luckily found a place to work in an Italian café in the Bremen Airport in June of 2018, after one month living in Bremen. Even not able to speak German, my skills in Spanish helped me a lot to communicate with my bosses and colleagues (Italians). After working 5 months, I was able to communicate easily in Italian and my German from non previous knowledge, I was able to work in the café by myself sometimes, not needing any translations from my colleagues, fact that in the beginning use to happen often. Unfortunately the café bankrupted and my colleagues and I lost our jobs.

Unfortunately I’m not proficient in German, this beautiful letter that you’re reading now it’s because I’m a writer and I’m trying to promote myself in best clear and honest way. I wish I was proficient, but my 11 months in Bremen weren’t enough to make me able to express myself well in German. As a philosopher I try to understand reasons of facts. I would guess that maybe I didn’t give the right effort, once I can’t have a great focus in formal way of education, maybe because I’m in following this formal way of education since 2008, field that somehow I’m currently now, once I’m registered in master degree in Bremen. Maybe my language background is completely different than the German one, mainly the structure and logic of the words. Even speaking 5 European languages, at least in the conversation level, I’m in a slower process than I use to be with other languages.

What I would like to offer you is someone to work with, that maybe you know a little bit, after spending this energy reading this text.

I’m trying to promote myself in the best possible way of my currently understanding. My main target for me is the financial one, first feeding my basic needs and after investing in my personal projects, at the same time you have someone open to contribute in best way that I can in this exchanging of service for a financial reward, using my brain, my physical muscles or both of them.

I’m critic of myself, knowing clearly mostly my skills and my limitations. I try to work everyday with each of them in my personal life that affect strongly in any kind of professional field that I would be.

I’m not that expert in none of the fields that I worked in the past 3 years, as I was while working for the Brazilian government, but today I’m glad to have acquired the personal and professional knowledge. Today I’m not just an Engineer; I’m an artist, writer, philosopher, media influencer, painter, music producer, waiter, barkeeper, English teacher and many other things. I’m trying to say that I can be whatever I want to be with the chance and the energy to be it.   

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