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A rich homeless

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terça-feira, 21 de maio de 2019

Almost 8 Billion


Imagine that you're in a music studio with these professionals audio isolation foam covering all of walls and you find a vintage microphone just in front of you, like these ones that you see in radio. There is a seat in front of you and a projection of a red and blue light in the direction of the microphone. Take your seat and concentrate in the microphone that's in front of you.

The room is completely dark, you can just see what the projection of the lights are crossing and the microphone shadow in the projection of the light reaching the floor. Naturally you'll concentrate your eyes in this vintage microphone.

Now, think about that this microphone is connected with a system that reproduce everything that you're saying instantly almost 8 billion of people, that are alive, can listen it. 

This is the moment that you're completely alone and isolated in this dark room, but a room that you feel comfortable and in your isolation, you could tell to the world something what you would like to share with them. 8 billion of people are gonna be able to listen you instantly.  

Everyone would listen you and every word that you mean to say.

What would you say?

Exercising your mind, you can allow a better understanding of yourself. 

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