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terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2019

The tense

When I'm traveling in my mind and I have the chance to see how many beautiful and intense moments I lived, I already feel pleasured for this memories. Multiples pleasant experiences provided by my existence and the existence of other around me and a bunch of random events happening around that create the atmosphere that I was inserted in this single moment.

Analytically thinking all of these beautiful moments are events from the past that can't be lived again. Even if the memory are allowed to bring a feeling of pleasure in reviving this moment, they are past and we are living this present moment that in a frame of a second is gonna become the past, like the last words that you read here and the last words that I just wrote now.

The present is so snapshot, everything that we are living now, just became past and the future that is coming will be present in this snapshot soon becoming past by itself.

In the ending we live our life in this instant moment of present and we spend big part of our present time thinking about the past and the future, tenses that we aren't currently living.

Depending how anxious or nostalgic you are, you can spend most of your present time thinking about the future. That's actually something important if it's well balanced. Ignoring the past from hard times that we had is hiding a scar that's bleeding under your skin that time by time it get hurts and bring all the past back to you and the pain inserted on that. On the other hand, excluding pleasant memories are something that unconsciously is hard to control and I just let myself go in these memories, bring me peace, relief and pleasure for what it represented.

At the same time ignore the future is living without purpose, without carrying about our life and other's life as well.

Be aware for not going to an extreme direction, the past can bring traumas, and depression and at the time that future can give you too much ambition, stress, anxiety and also depression.   

The trick is finding a balance between living the present, face the past and think about tomorrow. Just don't underestimate the present, because this frame of second that we live once by time is the highest signal that we are alive in in this instant moment we can live, feel peace and pleasure, letting ourselves falling down in a mystery future, even if this present will become past soon.

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