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terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2019



We can always talk about everything with each other, as long we are able to listen each other, trying to understand and respect what we can emphatically feel each other. I'm open for you, open to share as much as I can as long as I feel comfortable to talk to you.

Writing is something more anonymously. I'm addressing my words not to someone directly. I'm just brainstorming myself, putting part of my unconscious thinking in the table, exposing that ideas that was implicit in my mind, but I kind of could perceive before, but some others come out of the unknown and make me conscious think about something that I've never though before. This is how my mind have a expansion, in my point of view.

My brainstorming isn't necessarily something that I meant to say or something that I truly believe, but it's more something that is my mind, by my perception, by my own reality that when I'm thinking, talking and writing make me expose it and make me build a world in my own reality.

I could keep my brainstorming to myself, but I feel a strong desire in sharing it, like I'm doing writing. I'm sometimes anonymously sharing my perception of reality and make you see my point of view. Based in my previous experiences and the way that my life experiences make me think and feel in the way that we do, I believe we all live different realities. 

These realities make we see the world in different aspects, in different perspectives. We can still have similar thoughts, beliefs and thoughts, but we are still different from each other in my others. It doesn't matter what you believe, but biologically, spiritually, psychologically we have infinity differences from each other. I talked a little bit about that in this article.

When I leave from my keyboard and I talk straight with you, a beautiful being human in front of me, connecting my eyes to yours, seeing the way that your eyes look to me and how your face expressions are synchronizing it and every gesture from the movement of your body that are connected with the way that you talk to me and listen to me. If we are connected with each other, I believe that you can feel the same. My black written words in a white background just get other dimensions, like when I'm listening you talking.

When this is happening, I feel so pleasant, because this connection allow us to fly and live a experience that make we feel that we are just in another dimension, just the two of us, traveling in each other mind, but don't forget we still live in different realities and I'm not here to tell you that my reality, beliefs, thoughts and feelings are the right (correct) one. I can just feel that they are different and I'll be here to listen you as I've been trying to do as much as I can.

I'm not here to argue with you and catechetically convince you to believe in what I believe. I'm here just like a curious kid that is trying to understand the world by understanding myself, the others and what's going on around me.

I'm not owner of full knowledge of things, I'm just a baby chilling around. This baby hopefully will probably never become a adult. I hope that this baby still gonna have energy to fight for a better future for all of us, by my perception, my reality.

You have the total right of not agreeing with me, I won't judge you and I'm completely opened to talk with you as long as I feel comfortable and opened for that. Depends how we are connected and how I'm able to face my fears and open the closed box of complexities that I couldn't be able to solve yet, I can probably talk about everything with you and these boxes would open by itself instantaneously for the both of us.

I would just tell you that in my reality there is no truth about anything. I based my perception of reality in facts and feelings. What my scientific study background gave to me was being able to expose my thoughts and my emotions by spoken or written words, but at the same time trying to understand the past, scientifically or historically different reality in which we live and lived. I'm trying to argue as much as I can against my beliefs and trying to understand that everything that I believe can change one day, depending of my perception of reality. I try to listen and see all possibles different realities and perspectives to give me the chance to be as much critical as I can with myself. I try to be the prosecution lawyer of my own process. I believe that every kind of interaction that I have in my life change my perception of reality even if I don't feel it in the instant moment. I also believe that it happens to all of us, that also includes you.

Again, this is just my perspective. The only thing that I would ask you, try to understand that my reality is different than yours and we perceive things differently. We aren't here to say what's right or wrong for each other life, we are here to talk, feel, understand, listen, ask, answer and connect with each other, without prejudices and fears, just with love.

The love that connect you to everything that's around that include me and yourself.

Again, this baby is just brainstorming, maybe touching you or maybe just saying sharing a senseless content from someone lives in a utopian reality.

Have an amazing day, but please: 

"Don't stop me now If you wanna have a good time Just give me a call"


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