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terça-feira, 3 de setembro de 2019

A letter from the other side

In the other side of the Atlantic ocean, after expanding my vision of world, but the most important knowledge that I've got, it wasn't from places that I'd been or countries that I crossed nor from the amazing and intense experiences I've lived nor the shinning people that crossed my way that I connected my energies, my soul.

Of course these were amazing and unforgettable moments that are in my mind like a library that I have with a lot of small books and these books have different stories that I lived in my life. Also there are bigger books that there are few of these stories combined and in the ending the book of my life, a giant one that I carry with all of my energies, the chapters are so different than each other that scares me. Like 5 weeks of my life that I'm writing a book since almost 3 years and it's still not done yet. A Rich Homeless, that's the name of the book. My hitchhiking trip during 5 weeks traveling from Belgium to Montenegro, the most intense chapter of my life. It was me, traveling broken because I was homeless in this moment of my life. After 3 months in Luxembourg, I've got kicked from my student housing, because I was using Airbnb to rent my student dorm and it was illegal, but it was the only way that I could pay my rent, once I was broken. Almost 3 years ago I did the best thing of my life: Break free!

Break free.

It was me, been broken, I had paid the cost of freedom. The cost of my freedom. My freedom give me the immense pleasure. The freedom of being able to fight for the freedom of others. 

Think about this goal, think that I wanna spend all of my energy and my mental capacity to fight for the freedom of others, the freedom of having a critical thinking, that they are able to decide what they want, to choose who they wanna be. The freedom where you will love, respect, support and fight for someone, not mattering his ethnic, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social and economical level. 

Think about that I'm freeing myself. I have no idea how free you're with yourself, maybe in another level that I can't see yet, but I'm working on that. 

I try to be clear about the person that I'm, with as less filters as I can have. I still have a lot of filters, but I'm intensively working with few of them often. At least now I can see so many filters that I was blind before or at least I pretended to be blind.

My past is partly written in the around 200 articles that I've wrote before. From moments that I had while I was writing and from moments in my past that made me understand more about myself.

In this long short speech, I wanna say that the most important thing that I've learn in this intense and pleasant 3 years of my life was the knowledge of myself.

"Myself" may sound selfish. For me the opposite. The knowledge of myself set free and made me understand my existence. The moment that I started to connect my feelings with my rational thinking and make me try to love and don't the prejudices for any person not mattering the ethnic, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social and economical level.

I'm working on that. From a homophobic, racist, sexist, classist that I used to be in the past. Like many of us here. I would say that in this society that we lived nowadays, all of us are influenced by the structure that the society has, in different ways. I'm from Brazil a colony from Portugal where they explore the land and the workforce by slaves, in case that wouldn't die trying to fight for not been a slave. Brazil, like many corners around the world, is the land where the Christians after 2 millennium after the Jesus existence in this world, you see people carrying a bible in their hands, but wishing and celebrating the death of criminal, that they support a woman dying trying to abort illegally or that they hate a person just because this person is homosexual, that you believe that any person that pray for a god that's different than their, make they think that they are praying to demons and they are segregated from the others, once you're going to the paradise, the holder bible that forgot to read the new testament of the bible or just couldn't understand what's written there. Four books that in my opinion are one of the best examples of love that I've seen in my life.

The story of Jesus is beautiful in fact until the point that I remember now, it was a big classroom of love for the time of the history that he was living. A example of generosity and empathy that I've never seen written in any book before.

Empathy is the feeling that our society has a lack, this lack that was inserted in my life for several years. Things that motivated me to be homophobic, racist, sexist and classist. Like all of us have in a different way, some of us are able to break free, as I'm breaking, as you're doing as well, doing this process of knowing yourself and being able to feel others in a different way, being emphatic and giving your love in the same way that you're giving this love to yourself. It's seen Utopia, but this is the main message of the Christian: Love each other as you love yourself, even love each other in the same way that I (God) loved you. In this beautiful message and simple to understand, we have this message getting misunderstood along the years. 

From the colony until norwardays, not just the religion, but most of colonialism importations, give many heritage to the future of colonized countries around the world. These heritages are the result in Brazil that I was explored for centuries in a society that existed social, economical and humanity gaps:


Empathy that Jesus told us. It was about to love someone that have a different color skin than yours or that this person was born in another part of the world. It's seen to be simple to understand, but I big part of the Christians nowadays aren't able to really understand what Jesus was saying, maybe based their entire existence living their life in a specific way, because a doutrine interpreted that you should think, you should do, you should believe in this way, then you're not even able to know who you are, who are really the other and who is God.

I'm in the other side of the Atlantic, coming back to my own reality with a different view of myself and naturally what's around me.

I came back with this freedom that make me work to free others. I free myself, talking, listening and learning. 

We are all receive inputs from infinity directions every single day. Each of this inputs changes unconsciously perception of reality, overtime you're able to connect consciously some moments of your life, analise and understand it more. This is about episodes that we lived that allows us to understand more about the person that we are. Like our limitations, our fears, our pain, our feelings.

For understand it, you need to work for your freedom and being emphatic as Jesus was, wishing for someone that same that you wanna for you.

A system where wouldn't have social or economical unequally, where we would be able to love in peace.

Where Brazil wouldn't be living one of the darkest times of our recent history. The moment that we are losing humanity and empathy. 

I'm back here, not just to fight for my freedom, but the freedom of others, this 210 million people that lives here, that could be even a village with 5 people in any part of the world. My fight for equality has no limit of land, it's something called as humanity. I'm here to fight for that and if you're able to read me until this moment you also a fighter, consciously or unconsciously you do.

I'm here to fight for you and for us!

Look, it seems weird write in English for a public that is in Brazil, but I'll keep to write my articles in English for now and translate it to Portuguese, I believe that I'll migrate overtime.

Keep fighting and occasionally we will fight together for something consciously or unconsciously.  


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